Weekend Deals (22.07.11)

Our deepest condolence to all Norwegian people.     Free weekend (click to install) for Altitude, save 50% (US: $4.99 / UK: £3.49 (14% higher) / EU: 4,49€ (29% higher))Also region restricted Civilization V -66% [...]

Weekend Deals (15.07.11)

Hopefully you have some money left after that crazy Steam camping madness sale. Give some of it to me and rest spend to weekend deals :D   But first some news what may be interesting: [...]

Weekend Deals (24.06.11)

  NEWS:#1 Team Fortress 2 Free to play!#2 L.A. Noire coming to PC this fall#3 EA is buying PopCap games. Eurogamer#4 Take Two promises more Duke Nukem. Eurogamer#5 GTA V in 2012 (PS. Contains GTAIV [...]

Weekend Deals (10.06.11)

  NEWS:#1 Codemasters was hacked, data stolen. Eurogamer#2 Far Cry 3 will take the series out of Africa and back to a tropical island. Eurogamer#3 Battlefield 3 multiplayer beta in September. Game itself 25th/28th Oct. [...]

Weekend Deals (03.06.11)

I hope that you like new geeky summer discount  picture :) And now the deals, sorry for delay :)   Few important latest news around the world:#1 Upcoming Duke Nukem Forever will have 3 DLCs [...]

Weekend Deals (20.05.11)

  RIFT standard and digital editon 33% off with unfair 1$ = 1€ prices. You can check the discount prices in SteamPrices.com.NB! Do not forget, that white (+%) and yellow (-%) percentages are good after [...]

Weekend Deals (13.05.11)

  This weekend only, save 75% on Serious Sam HD: First Encounter, Serious Sam HD: Second Encounter, Serious Sam HD Double Pack, and Serious Sam Gold Edition with unfair 1$ = 1€ prices. Duke Nukem [...]

Weekend Deals (06.05.11)

  Save 66% off the Men of War Franchise – not very fair but also not very unfair, get it if you want it.EA Week still runningLong waited Deus Ex: Human Revolution has bad 1$ [...]

Weekend Deals (29.04.11)

  Mount & Blade complete pack with 60% discount and somewhat fair price.Sol survivor is on weeklong sale, it has almost unfair price $4.99 vs 4,49€NB! Beware of First Templar, you get scammed: $33.99 vs [...]

Weekend Deals (22.04.11)

  Metro 2033 with 50% discount - get it, it’s a good game! Unfortunately price is 9.99$/£/€. You can get it in Gamersgate with 5€ You can check the discount prices in SteamPrices.com.NB! Do not [...]

Weekend Deals (15.04.11)

Damn, booze is evil :) But let’s rock!   Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Collector Pack -60% with UNFAIR price! $25.98 vs 27.98€ ($40.43) Still -75% for PotatoPack, that contains 13 indiegames. Games separately -50%. You [...]

Weekend Deals (08.04.11)

  Guten morgen, dudes.   Blood Bowl Legendary Edition -75% with unfair price Still -75% for PotatoPack, that contains 13 indiegames. Games separately –50%. You can get potato hat for TF2 if you have all [...]

Weekend Deals (01.04.2011)

  Okay, –75%  for PotatoPack, that contains 13 indiegames. Games separately –50%. You can get potato hat for TF2 if you have all games on that list in your account. NB! DO NOT Pre-order DARKSPORE, [...]

Weekend Deals (25.03.2011)

Hello, as I m on vacation currently, I can make another one too :) And on Saturday, have few drinks for me! :)   Steam offers this weekend F1: 2010 with 50% discount. But DO [...]

Weekend Deals 18.03.2011

Hey, dudes. I can’t ignore this awesome weekend deal in Steam and decided to post this.   In Steam is one kickass game Darksiders on sale. I have played it for many hours and I [...]

Weekend Deals (03.12.10)

  Here are some interesting news from last weeks: [EXPAND (click to see the news lenta)] “PC is generation ahead of consoles” (Crytek); Assassins Creed 3?; “DRM treats gamers as criminals!” Witcher 2 [...]

Weekend Deals (19.11.2010)

Sorry for late post :) Here are some interesting news from last week: Design your own S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 quest; leaked news: Tomb Raider: Ascension coming 2011; Sony cuts PSPGo price again in UK; Trials HD [...]

Weekend Deals (12.11.10)

Woow, what a cool date… :) Let’s check the latest week news around the various sites.Today’s games use 23-30% of Kinect; Shops slam Steam monopoly/Valve is killing market!; APB is coming back – sold with [...]

Weekend Deals (05.11.10)

Handful news from past weeks: DOTA SCII mod shown @BlizzCon; Blizzard exited about 4th WoW expansion; Hitman 5 is coming!; APB not dead? Back to the Future series by Telltale, pre-order it, get free copy [...]

Weekend Deals (22.10.10)

Sorry guys for late post, I was in Latvia til Friday late evening.   Few handpicked news:Steam has over 30 million users; CoD: Black Ops with Steamworks; Civ 5 DLC coming on 25th Oct; Trine [...]

Weekend Deals (15.10.10)

Yo, dudes, I thought that I add some news also here, so let me know, If you like it or not New Duke is coming soon; Valve is making DotA 2; Valve will not start [...]

Weekend Deals (08.10.10)

“Good news everyone, your new mission is to explore all good deals in digital world”. (Sorry, I am watching too much Futurama lately :D) Oh yes, btw, WoW Cataclysm in stores on 7th December, should [...]

Weekend Deals (01.10.10)

  Hello and good morning :) Let’s not waste time and open our (steam) wallet… :D   Updated: GetGames supports now paypal + coupon for discounts   […]

Weekend Deals (25.09.10)

Here are some great deals for the upcoming Saturday, this time on September 25th, that will make you wanna fight! Here’s another set of Weekend Battle of Deals:   […]

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