Weekend Deals (08.10.10)

“Good news everyone, your new mission is to explore all good deals in digital world”. (Sorry, I am watching too much Futurama lately :D)

Oh yes, btw, WoW Cataclysm in stores on 7th December, should cost ca $40.

Updated: more detailed info on GamesPlanet deals, also added hint about awesome date (10/10/10) deal ;)


Killing floor and all DLCs (with new update) 50% off!
Modern Warfare 2 at 33% off
50% discount for MW2 DLCs Resurgence Pack and Stimulus Package
All special discounts here


All Topware titles 50% off
Cities XL –50%
Galactic Civilizations II
Total 33 discounts here

Action pack weekend in UK! Use code actionrocks to save 15% on all action games (over 300)

On sale: 7 items in UK, 7 items in EU

All Atari classics 50% discount
Also some promo prices for several games


Same deals as last week:
Hacker Evolution bundle 50% discount
They still have 50% discount for Playlogic games, but the promo and banner link is still broken..
But they are listed also here and also search reveals them


Retro week, back to 80s! – all titles 50% discount
Iron cross serie – 60% discount

Strategy Rush: An awesome Ubisoft Bundle (exclusive to Gamesplanet):
R.U.S.E. + The Settlers 7 + Anno 1404 @ -50% (£34.99 instead of £69.97)
(The discount applies to these games individually too)
Little bit longer deal for Mafia II, Lost Planet 2, Civilization V etc, all here
NB! They got awesome deal on Sunday on awesome date 10/10/10. Check it out!
(PS. Don’t tell anyone (it’s a secret), but there will be Cities XL, CM2010, GTAs, Lara Croft, and more)


Anything else?

Games for Windows aka Games on Demand has 75%!!! discount for Dirt 2 as a Deal of the Week

Game.co.uk has also several discounted games for digital download. Check here

THQ official shop lowered prices for some games too. Check here



Have more info? Post a comment if you dare!
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  1. MetaShane

    Hey Guys, sad news, we’ve had to take the GTA 4 deals down, on request from Rockstar, who are looking into giving us an even better deal though… I’ll keep you posted :)

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    1. slay

      check the weekend post plz, there is updated url

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  2. RedFaust

    The deal at games planet is awesome

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  3. slay

    The full price is pathetic, not discount :) If the price would be 30€ or so, then 33% off is pretty fine price. But as long it stays 60€, it is awfully high, no matter hat discount it has. 75% discount is only solution :)

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  4. 0cube

    mw2 discount is pathetic, map pack discount is great

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  5. Ronny@Home

    Not to forget the coupon code “unpowered” = Medal of Honor EA Download for 20,69€

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