Weekend Deals (22.10.10)

Sorry guys for late post, I was in Latvia til Friday late evening.


Few handpicked news:
Steam has over 30 million users; CoD: Black Ops with Steamworks; Civ 5 DLC coming on 25th Oct; Trine 2 coming in spring 2011; 80% willing to play with 3D glasses; WoW Cataclysm min. requirements; Microsoft brings out “Steam rival”, it looks more like GoG + EA new EADM hybrid; Fallout Online on second half of 2012;


But now let’s see what our friends have to offer.


-66% on Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition (beware, unfair pricing $13.60 (10€) vs 17€, but still.. better than 50€)
All special discounts here
I recommend the funny RPG parody Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes, if you hurry, you could get 20% discount
And looks like RPG Numen (similar to Titan Quest) is being sold with 80% discount: $2 / £1.60 / 2€


Total 25 discounts here


On sale:
4 items in UK: Dungeon Defenders, Sega Genesis Collections
6 items in EU: same things as in UK


Anuman games 50% off when all games, 30% off when selected
Find your game in the  list


Double your money – trade in and get twice the payout
Hot deals here


Multiplayer week – buy 4, pay 2 or buy 2, pay 1
EA week
Lots of discounts here


Pro Evolution Soccer 2011
Pre-order Football Manager 2011 and get 20 classic SEGA games for free
Price drops and sales, all here including Mafia II, Civ V


Anything else?

Games for Windows aka Games on Demand has 75% discount for GTA San Andreas as a Deal of the Week.

Game.co.uk has also several discounted games (Empire: Total War, FM2010, BC2, Kane & Lynch 2. Sims 3 etc) for digital download. Check here

THQ official shop lowered prices for some games too. Check here

GetGames started with Halloween sale – 1C bundle, Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter, The Complete Stronghold CollectionCiv City: Rome. And even more, just look at their page
EA is selling Crysis 2 Nano edition for £119.99 (135€, don’t you want this?) (It includes the Limited Edition housed in a SteelBook™ plus exclusives including an 11″ statue of Prophet on top of a New York taxi cab and a high-quality art book, all packaged inside a special backpack modelled on the Nanosuit itself.)


Have more info? Post a comment if you dare!

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  1. OKS_LegenD

    i dont know why they bost about having 3 million users, if i had a prog that i forced everyone to use of course i would have high numbers of members

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  2. DiDok

    Fallout Online? OH LORD NOOOOOO!

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  3. Amadeus

    I dont understand how Green Man Gaming can do this trade-thing.

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  4. Faky

    Yea just saw that. I like these low prices but…..

    …if they considered to lower a price in EU for just a few cents me and my buddies would be in, but in this case its a pass.

    1€=1.4$ atm and im not willing to pay 40% more no matter how small the price is. Principle is the same for me with 1€ as with 1000€. Im still buying from the same shop as US and UK customers.

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