Weekend Deals (24.06.11)


#1 Team Fortress 2 Free to play!
#2 L.A. Noire coming to PC this fall
#3 EA is buying PopCap games. Eurogamer
#4 Take Two promises more Duke Nukem. Eurogamer
#5 GTA V in 2012 (PS. Contains GTAIV video)


-50% off from Divinity 2 (WARNING! $1=1€ price)
-50% off from Homefront (WARNING! $1=1€ price)

You can check the discount prices in SteamPrices.com.
NB! Do not forget, that white (+%) and yellow (-%) percentages are good after US price!


SPAZ, Magicka, Neverwinter Nights, King’s Bounty series, Aveyond series etc.
Total 22 discounts here


UK (total 36: Build-a-lot’s, GTA’s, Battlefield 3, CoD MW2, Brink, DNF, Mafia 2, Borderlands full, Deus Ex HR, Saints Row 3  etc)
EU is now Georestricted, BEWARE!
(EE can shop in UK store, where DNF costs 30€!)
If you can, try to buy in UK shop, very good discounts for new games.


Interplay games with 50% discount


UFO Trilogy Bundle -50%
Lots of hot deals here


Square Enix week -50%
Discounts for lots of games


26 new games (Alice, Deus EX: HR, F3AR, NFS Shift 2, Duke Nukem Forever, Witcher 2, DS3, Dungeon Siege 3, RIFT (-66%) on sale


Anything else?

TellTaleGames is celebrating 7th anniversary and is offering 75% discount from almost everything until end of June! Get good stuff!

Beamdog offers very good discount for several (26) of games. With 50% or 75% discount

DotEmu is selling Gobliiins trilogy, Another World 15th Anniversary Edition etc here

EB Games is giving pretty good discount for Dead Space 2

GetGames is offering discounts for many action games

Game.co.uk is offering good price for 21 games – Duke Nukem Forever, STALKER, Homefront, CoD: MW2, Dead Space 2, Crysis 2,  etc

DL Gamer is selling RIFT, Brink, DC Universe and Witcher 2 10€ cheaper. Check it out


Have more info? Post a comment if you dare!

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  1. stranded

    Probably, yeah. Why wouldn’t they make one? Also I hope GTAV is going to use the face motion capture from LA Noire.

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  2. d32

    Is there going to be a steam summer sale this year? Does anybody know?

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  3. DrOssi

    Thanks, Slay


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