Weekend Deals (15.10.10)

Yo, dudes, I thought that I add some news also here, so let me know, If you like it or not

New Duke is coming soon; Valve is making DotA 2; Valve will not start trade-in service; Pirates of Carribean RPG cancelled; Dragon Age 2 pre-orderers get free content, screenshots; fan made Duke Nukem will be released for free, video; Blizzard bans SCII gamers (also single player), who uses 3rd party hacks;


updated: GetGames & Gamesplanet deals

Blacklight: Tango Down at 50% off! (N/A for my country)
All special discounts here
PS. Don’t buy Age of Wonders from Steam it comes to GoG soon.


Valusoft launch week all titles -25%
Sherlock Holmes, Mount & Blade, Demigod and others,
total 38 discounts here

On sale:
6 items in UK: Gothic 4, Lost Planet 2, Dungeon Defenders, Sega Collections
6 items in EU: same things as in UK


D&D based RPG Temple of Elemental Evil released
Find your game in the  list


“When it’s done… it’s gone deal” with 16 games right here


City building week – 50% – 66% discount
Lots of discounts here

Adventure week: -50% off: Black Mirror 2, So Blonde, Fahrenheit, Runaway, Sherlock Holmes, Tomb Raider bundle
Still running 10/10/10 deal. Check it out
Price drops and sales, all here including new Medal of Honor, new exclusive Gothic pack & complete Mafia II pack


Anything else?

Games for Windows aka Games on Demand has 50% discount for Street Fighter IV as a Deal of the Week. Also has dropped Assassins Creed 2 price to $29.99.

Game.co.uk has also several discounted games (Empire: Total War, BC2, Kane & Lynch 2. Sims 3 etc) for digital download. Check here

THQ official shop lowered prices for some games too. Check here

GetGames has 33% discount for Civilization V, 50% for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising (ty, ryuga81), £2 for entire Commandos saga (ty, raianbronson)



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  1. ryuga81

    Not sure if someone already posted that, but GetGames just sent me a mail telling me there’s an offer for RUSE at £20 by entering “ruserps” in the coupon area during checkout… i didn’t try that out ’cause i’m not really interested in RUSE, but if anyone wants to…

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