Weekend Deals (06.05.11)


** Steam - http://www.steampowered.com/

Save 66% off the Men of War Franchise – not very fair but also not very unfair, get it if you want it.
EA Week still running
Long waited Deus Ex: Human Revolution has bad 1$ = 1€ price, stay away from it (43% higher price)

You can check the discount prices in SteamPrices.com. (Welcome back!)
NB! Do not forget, that white (+%) and yellow (-%) percentages are good after US price!


** Impulse - http://www.impulsedriven.com/explore/onsale

Majesty 2 Collection, King’s Bounty series, Trainz, Guild 2, etc.
Total 30 discounts here


** Direct2Drive - http://www.direct2drive.eu/sale/

UK (total 29): Brink, Rift and lots more
EU (total 4): Witcher 2, SEGA packs


** Good Old Games - http://www.gog.com/

Atari strategy games 50% off til Tuesday. Check it out!
Dragonsphere free for anyone to celebrate Spring site update!


** Greenman Gaming - http://www.greenmangaming.com/games/browse/hot-deals/

The Void –74%
Blitz Games with 50% discount
ND Games with 50% discount
Kalypso week 30% off
Hot deals here


** GamersGate - http://www.gamersgate.com/offers

Mac week – save up to 60%
Discounts for lots of games


** GamesPlanet - http://www.gamesplanet.com/

Several discounted game sagas on sale. Check the Special Deals section
20 new games (NFS:S2, DS, RIFT, ACB, W2, DS3, Homefront, Bulletstorm, CoD:BO, TDU2, CD:MW2) on sale


Anything else?

DotEmu is offering this weekend Startegy First DRM free games with 50% discount – Disciples series, Pro Pinball, Sacred, Patrician 3 and lots more

Beamdog offers VERY GOOD price for Gothic 4 (-80%), Panzer Elite (-75%), Loki (-90%) and more with very good discount – 50-80%.

THQ shop is selling several games with good price – Darksiders, Dawn of War II series, Metro 2033, STALKER


Have more info? Post a comment if you dare!

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  1. Doofy

    Minecraft costs 14,95€ since December when in reached Beta…
    Compared to what it’s going to cost, when it reaches final it’s 25% off.

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  2. Kossak

    Minecraft – 25% off – http://www.minecraft.net/ :)

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  3. Zuko

    Pro-Pinball 2 : TimeShock! abandownware – http://www.abandonware-france.org/ltf_abandon/ltf_jeu.php?id=979

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