Weekend Deals (22.07.11)

Our deepest condolence to all Norwegian people.



Free weekend (click to install) for Altitude, save 50% (US: $4.99 / UK: £3.49 (14% higher) / EU: 4,49€ (29% higher))
Also region restricted Civilization V -66% (US: $39.41 / UK: £24.41 (1% higher) / EU: 30,91€ (13% higher) / AU: $44.91 USD (14% higher))

You can check the discount prices in SteamPrices.com.
NB! Do not forget, that white (+%) and yellow (-%) percentages are good after US price!


Lots of region restricted deals this weekend
Total 27 discounts here


UK (total 11: Earthrise, Battlefield 3, Star Trek Online, WH40k: SM, Stronghold 3)
EU is now Georestricted, BEWARE!


GoG has every day “Summer Hidden Gem”, check it out daily


Save 15% of pre-orders: DeusEx, Homm6, Driver, Stronghold 3, Tropico 4 etc
Square Enix week
GMG is offering now Weekend Deals
Hot deals here


Sims 3 weekend, save up to 60%
Discounts for lots of games


21 new games (DeusEx: HR, Harry Potter DH p2, Alice, F3AR, PCM: Tour de France etc) on sale


Anything else?

DotEmu resurrected Weekend promos and is selling Atlantis series, Robin Hood and lots more here

Beamdog offers very good discount for huge amount (116) of games – moust causal games but not all. With 60% discount!

EB Games is giving pretty good discount for 107 games, check it out! Some discounts are ridiculous – 4 cents, but others are good.

GetGames finally made their Special offers section. Currently selling Fear 1 / Fear 2 bundle.

Game.co.uk is offering good price for 23 games – Brink, Alice, Hunted, Fable 3, WH40k: Retribution, Homefront, Shogun 2, Portal 2 etc

DL Gamer is selling RIFT, Brink, Gods & Heroes and Witcher 2 10€ cheaper. Check it out


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  1. 0cube

    What do you mean by “georestricted” in terms of d2d? i mean, i can still access the d2d.co.uk and d2d.com store, so i dont quite understand what you mean.

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