Weekend Deals (03.06.11)

I hope that you like new geeky summer discount  picture :)

And now the deals, sorry for delay :)


Few important latest news around the world:
#1 Upcoming Duke Nukem Forever will have 3 DLCs – new weapons, maps and karaoke. Eurogamer
#2 XCOM squad based FPS release date is 6th March. trailer. Eurogamer
#3 Sony got hacked again. Eurogamer


75% off Red Faction, Red Faction II and Red Faction Guerrilla – NB! EU prices are LOWER than US prices, GET THEM!
Free Multiplayer weekend for Call of Duty®: Black Ops and on sale with 33% discount (EU price 36% higher than US price). INSTALL

You can check the discount prices in SteamPrices.com.
NB! Do not forget, that white (+%) and yellow (-%) percentages are good after US price!


Age of Wonders series, Star Wolves, SPAZ, etc.
Total 20 discounts here


UK (total 18)
EU is now Georestricted, BEWARE!
(EE can shop in UK store, where DNF costs 30€!)
Get 15% discount from DLC packs by entering code EXTRA15


EA Games came to GoG, there will be over 25 games
Age of Wonders series with 50% discount


2K Strategy sale up to 50%
Strategy sale up to 74%
Hot deals here


AI WAR week -50%
GTA IV series –66%
Discounts for lots of games


27 new games (Dirt 3, Deus EX: HR, F3AR, Brink, NFS Shift 2, DNF (BEST PRICE! ~34€), Witcher 2, DS3, Warhammer 40k: SM, RF Armageddon (Best price ~34€)) on sale


Anything else?

TellTaleGames is celebrating 7th anniversary and is offering 75% discount from almost everything until end of June! Get good stuff! And happy birthday! :)

DotEmu has also celebrating anniversary and is offering every day from 1st – 5th June free game. And happy birthday! :)

Beamdog offers very good discount for several (16) of games. With 50% or 75% discount

EB Games is giving pretty good discount for several games like Dead Space 2, Crysis 2, Dragon Age 2, Darkspore and Shift 2. Although check the retail/Steam prices first (warning: Dead Space 2 EU price is totally messed up in Steam – $29.99 (20,69€) vs 49,99€ ($72.45))

Game.co.uk is offering good price for 10 games – Shift 2, Lego Universe, Fallout: LV, TDU2, Civ V, Shogun 2, etc

DL Gamer is selling RIFT, Brink and Witcher 2 10€ cheaper. Check it out

EA Games renamed their Store to Origin, it has now Steam-like overlay and possibility to play your games anywhere. Even in mobile, if it supports it :) Heh, looks like they kicked original Origin away, look at the text at the end of the page :D


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    Red Faction Guerrilla is just plain awesome, get it!

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