Weekend Deals (19.11.2010)


Sorry for late post :)

Here are some interesting news from last week:

Design your own S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 quest; leaked news: Tomb Raider: Ascension coming 2011; Sony cuts PSPGo price again in UK; Trials HD 2nd add-on Big Thrills with 40 new tracks and more coming on 1st Dec; Crytek believes that Crysis 2 will be a 90 rated game; Alan Wake 2 coming for Kinect?; new Assassins Creed coming in 2011; Blizzard bought 9k m2 new office space; Diablo III heading to consoles; MMO APB re-launches as Free-To-Play game in 2011; new MMO called Planet Michael Jackson, wtf?; Need For Speed Shift 2 out in spring 2011; Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings will released on 17th May 2011 (almost all shops sell it for 45€ already); gaming is good for boys, but bad to girls in school; Activision closes Guitar Hero dev; some info revealed for Bioware new unannounced game and some speculations – new just new HINT was posted!; free DLC for R.U.S.E.; PC Create demo available; Portal 2 suffers Valve time :D – it will not make it on 9th Feb, new date is 22th April in EU; EA launching Facebook golf game; THQ Homefront coming on 11th March in EU; Bungie searching for lots of beta testers for unannounced game; Borderlands with all DLCs coming to Mac on 3th Dec;


And here are deals:

Updated: added Sam & Max collection to TellTaleGames, Test Drive Unlimited in Gametap


40% on Sniper: Ghost Warrior! (Warning: 1$ = 1€ price)
Other deals here


Thanksgiving sale: STALKER bundle (-75%!)  and more
Total 38 discounts here


On sale:
9 items in UK: GTA IV complete, AC II, Alien Breed 3: Descent, AC: DC, Witcher 2, Clones & Sega Classics
6 items in EU: Withcer 2 (BEST PRICE!!!), Clones, Alien Breed 3: Descent & Sega Classics


GoG brings tear to my eye with this Witcher 2 pre-order announcement:
Since the EU price is almost $16 more than the price in USD, we’re giving our EU customers
a $16 credit to purchase anything on GOG.com.
” Also pre-ordering gives you PDF Artbook and 1 game for free
Ubisoft games -50% if buying all games, -30% if buying separately
Find your game in the list


Playlogic games -80%
Thanksgiving deal, selling up to 90% discount!
Syberia deal save 50%
Hot deals here


Dragon week – save up to 66%!
Lots of discounts here


Racing week up to 50% discount for Dirt series, Fuel, Grid, Test Drive / Moto GP 08
Also if missing F1, get F1 2010 :)


Anything else?

Games for Windows aka Games on Demand has launched new fancy Marketplace; 50% discount for Bioshock 2 as a Deal of the Week. If you are quick, you can buy Saints Row 2 with 80% discount. 9 hours to go. Hey, the have deal every day until 21th Nov!

GetGames: Beyond good and evil 80% discount. Just look at their page, they have lots of discounts.

EA Store has FPS week -25% including Battlefield 2: Complete, Mercenaries 2, BBC2, Battlefield 2142 Deluxe, Crysis, Saboteur, MoHA. Also if you wish to play Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam 3 days earlier than others, then EA can do this for you.

Game.co.uk has also several discounted games (Empire: Total War, FM2010, BC2, Kane & Lynch 2, Sims 3, Dead Rising 2, Fallout: New Vegas, Final Fantasy XIV) for digital download. Check here

THQ official shop lowered prices for some games too. Check here

EB Games is selling Rome: Total War Gold with 66% discount

Telltalegames is selling Sam & Max complete collection for 50% discount

Gametap is offering Test Drive Unlimited bundle with 71% discount


Have more info? Post a comment if you dare!

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  1. glubbar

    The GOG annoucement about The Witcher 2 is unbelievable! They rock! Long live GoG!

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  2. Krekeris

    I just love Test Drive Unlimited, spent many hours playing it. One of best online racing games.

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  3. stranded

    All of you people who can’t get AOE3 from GFWL because your region is not supported, you have to migrate from region you used earlier to your real region so Polish and Czech players need to migrate first. But again, in Poland you need a GOLD account ($9 per month) to buy it for $0.01.

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  4. Theon

    That is fucking retarded. I’m hating GFWL more by the minute. To think that those guys imagine they can compete with Steam… :/

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