Weekend Deals (25.09.10)

Here are some great deals for the upcoming Saturday, this time on September 25th, that will make you wanna fight!

Here’s another set of Weekend Battle of Deals:


Serious Sam HD: Gold Edition 75% off

Serious Sam HD: Double Pack (without classic Serious Sam games)

Garry’s Mod 50% off


All Soldak games on sale!


Blood Bowl: Dark Elves Edition

Astral Masters

Gratuitous Space Battles


Direct2Drive turns 6! is still up!

Summer Ends Event is also still up (right now having Section 8 50% off and X-Com Complete 34% off)!


Baldur’s Gate: The Original Saga


Civilization V probably cheaper than on Steam (is registerable on Steam) for some countries

Infernal 65% off!

Knights of the Temple 2 65% off!

Alpha Black Zero 65% off!

And racing games in Racing Collection 70% off!

Including: RC Cars, Death Track: Resurrection, Streets of Moscow, GM Rally, A.I.M..

Remember that Green Man Gaming allows you to trade-in your games at any time, so basically you will get your money back to get other games if you get something, I don’t know about you but I just replaced my World of Goo for Infernal :D and I’ll probably take something else too…


Max and the Magic Marker 75% off (fun game!)

I’m Not Alone 75% off

Simon The Sorcerer 5 75% off

More game on sale here.


Deals at GetGames!

Some great deals on some Ubisoft titles. You can visit this page:


Found anything else, leave a comment?

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I run this place! :D

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  1. tvbegovic

    Borderlands 75% off on Games for Windows live. 5 pounds.

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  2. GyokZoli

    @rareh: so you use a proxy for activating the key on steam and your account get banned. I don’t call that a good deal.

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  3. rareh


    try using a proxy

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  4. ld13

    @howhigh1337: “Key Activation has territorial restrictions (suitable only for Russia and other CIS countries)”
    Not nice.

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  5. howhigh1337

    i found Civilization V for ~12 euro at russian site.
    it’s also registerable on steam.
    Site is pretty proven, i bought supreme commander 2 key there few month ago.
    thinking to buy civ5 aswell…

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  6. Ballsmasher5000

    @ bubu
    Just dropped by to say that you, sir, are absolutely awesome! Thanks so much for the info. Civ 5 for 30 €! That pretty much just made my day. :)

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  7. mik0

    Understood. I only thought that being every games on GoG 9.99 or 5.99, this one was not a particularly deal (it’s not even time limited). You usually post the discounted deal they put on the site not the actual game release.
    Sorry if I misunderstood.

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  8. stranded


    Everything on our page under Weekend Deals posts IS a weekend deal, we don’t care if it’s an actual deal on GOG page or not.

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  9. mik0

    Baldur’s Gate on GoG is not a weekend deal.
    Also I encourage to refrain from buying from gog for some time to send a signal of how bad was the pr stunt.

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  10. bubu

    if you use the code D2DTWITTER you got 10$ off

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  11. Dragoon

    I found a cheap deal for Civilization 5 on http://www.direct2drive.com/
    The US site of D2D. On check out click “Add Promo Code” enter PAX for $5 off.
    $49,95 – $5 = $44,95
    $44,95 USD = 34,65 EUR
    Works with German PayPal. Btw: You don’t need to create a new login if you already have a Gamespy Login!
    You receive a activation code for Steam

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