Weekend Deals (29.04.11)


Mount & Blade complete pack with 60% discount and somewhat fair price.
Sol survivor is on weeklong sale, it has almost unfair price $4.99 vs 4,49€
NB! Beware of First Templar, you get scammed: $33.99 vs 38,24€, come on! Kalypso did it again!

You can check the discount prices in SteamPrices.com.
NB! Do not forget, that white (+%) and yellow (-%) percentages are good after US price!


Cities XL 2011, Spellforce series, etc.
Total 16 discounts here


UK (total 27): Brink, Dirt 3, Fable 3, HoMM VI and lots more
EU (total 5): Witcher 2, Dead Meets Lead, SEGA packs


JoWood games up to  75% off til Tuesday. Check it out!


Square Enix with 30% discount
Commandos – 5 games for 5.00 – save 78%
Hot deals here


Discounts for lots of games

Several discounted game sagas on sale. Check the Special Deals section.
20 new games (DNF, NFS:S2, DA2, DS2, RIFT, ACB, W2, DS3, Homefront, Bulletstorm) on sale


Anything else?

Telltale Games is having OMG! Spring sale – 50% off almost everything

DotEmu is offering this weekend several DRM free games with 50% discount – Gobliiins Trilogy, Raptor, Silmarils Collection, etc

Beamdog offers King’s Bounty series etc with very good discount – 50-75%.

THQ shop is selling several games with good price – Darksiders, Dawn of War II series, Metro 2033, STALKER


Have more info? Post a comment if you dare!

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  1. slay


    Looks like yes, Tier 1 is suffering now 49,99€ price for Portal 2. Sorry, guys.

    Price for Tier 2 is 37,99€

    Find a Tier 2 guy and let him buy 2 pack or gift :)

    PS. US price is $49.99, which is 33,65€

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  2. Manu

    Thanks for the updates, but wanted to ask, was I delirious, or was Portal 2 last week about 35 euros, and now it jumped to 50 again? O_o Great job Valve!

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  3. pacman

    Thanks for posting these!

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