Weekend Deals (03.12.10)



Here are some interesting news from last weeks:

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We are glad, that EU is recognized as considerable Union, not like some rich bastards from hell ;) So even if the price is unfair for some games, buy them and get something extra, just for us, the EU customers.


And here are deals from our friends

There are daily deals in Impulse, Good Old Games, GreenManGaming, GamersGate, GamesPlanet and in Telltale Games. Check those sites every day for something interesting: new deals, coupons, etc.



Looks like Steam is recovering from holiday deals, no weekend deal announced yet.
But get Arcadia, it’s developer contacted Steam to lower the unfair price for EU!
And I suggest indie game Rush, which looks pretty cool :)
But special deals here


MinerWars 2081
X3 series (also separately)
Best of Tilted Mill (bundle)
Kalypso games price drop
25 days of Christmas, every day new deal!
Total 22 discounts here


On sale:
4 items in EU: Witcher 2, Sega Classics


Christmas 14 day deals! Every day new surprise. Check it out!


GmG has every day new advent offer. Check their homepage!
Christmas Deals for everyone!
1C Metabundle -50%
Hacker bundle -75%
Fantasy action bundle -40%
Shooter metabundle -50% (no link now, because it’s broken now :()

Holyday gift guide WEEK 1 – 54 up to 82% savings!
1C Advent Calendar – every day new deal!
And they have buy 4, pay 3 deal, get the cheapest game for free.
Price drops of several games


GamesPlanet has X-Mas Warm-up going on. Every day, new deal. Check it out!
All nice deals right here


Anything else?

Games for Windows this week deal is World of Goo with 75% discount. Also they have 99 cents deals every day. But beware, those deals may be georestricted.

GetGames: Cryostasis 80% discount.

EA Store: if you wish to play Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam 3 days earlier than others, then EA can do this for you.

Game.co.uk has also several discounted games (Empire: Total War, FM2010, BC2, Kane & Lynch 2, Sims 3, Dead Rising 2, Fallout: New Vegas, Final Fantasy XIV, WoW) for digital download. Check here

THQ official shop lowered prices for some games too – STALKER & Metro 2033. Check here

EB Games is selling Supreme Commander 2 with 50% discount

Telltale Games is having 30 days of Telltale! Every day new deal. Check it out

Gametap is offering several (13) discounts. Check it out

DL Gamer offers Aion with 30% discount and Guildwars for free until 14th Dec.


Have more info? Post a comment if you dare!


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  1. ryuga81

    “DL Gamer offers Aion with 30% discount and Guildwars for free until 14th Dec.”

    Guildwars isn’t “free”, it’s just a 10 hours trial (just tested) :P

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  2. Theon

    I already have Desura (I entered during closed beta) and it’s pretty awesome. It’s kinda like a Steam platform for mods, freeware games and indiegames. Just waiting for more content on there now^^

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  3. SirSquidness

    Worth checking out: http://www.desura.com/ – A new digital distribution platform from the ModDB guys. Looks like it has plenty of potential to be awesome. Just in the past week they have opened up registrations to the public.

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  4. Zuko

    slay, thats better

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  5. Theon

    Excruciating Guitar Voyage is Pay-What-You-Want on YAWMA Games for the weekend, too. Looks like crap to me, though :/

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  6. Theon

    Once again I fall for the Games For Windows LIVE trap. On the site I had to log in to see if I could buy the game. It said it was “sorry”, but perhaps it could work if I downloaded their shitty client and bought it off there? It referred to alist of countries where it “should work”. Norway was one of the nations listed, so I gave it a go. The client is shit. Not prices are listed, and there is nowhere to search for a specific game by title or anything. In addition, the game in question isn’t even in the fucking store.

    Fuck you Microsoft, no really; FUCK you.

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  7. Theon

    What “wall of text”?

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  8. slay

    Okay, I added line feeds, but I am not sure, if this is good solution also.

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  9. Zuko

    “wall of text” is fucking unreadable…

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