Microsoft Store: Cloud saves corrupted? You’re out of luck!

There’s a pretty interesting topic on /r/windows10 today. Someone is having problems with Superhot VR edition. Basically his savegame got corrupted somehow and unfortunately the broken file is already up in the cloud.

What doest that mean? According to Microsoft support you have to “play the game again”. Ouch.

On Steam whenever you’re having problems with syncing your saved games the program actually asks you if you want to use the local saved games or the cloud ones. But not on Microsoft store, if something goes wrong you’re screwed.

You can read more about this problem here and see more of those screenshots here.

NOKEYS: XBOX Live cards cheaper!

Hey console gamers, yes we are sometime potato-station players too, although PCMR FTW. You gotta check out this nice deal for XBOX Live Gold 12 Months access, with our special discount code at checkout: JSBS10 the card is only for $44.99. You can grab it right here!

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Racing Auditory Display: Racing Games to Reach More!

Hey guys! Our friends from Racing Auditory Display have a message for every handicapped player out there :-)

Most of us strive to make the world a better place for everybody. It’s evident by the campaigns throughout the world to make every public good or entertainment option accessible to all is a part of this scheme. But still, there are many public goods and facilities that are not equally enjoyable by all.

One such not-fully-accessible-to-all facility is video gaming, especially racing games. Though racing games have been played by blind people using driver assistance systems, they have never been played by them with the same efficiency and sense of control that sighted players have.

But this condition is all set to change, thanks to the effort of Brian A. Smith, a Ph.D. candidate in computer science in the department of engineering at Columbia. Brian has developed a new audio-based user interface for visually challenged gamers, which will enable them to enjoy racing games with the same speed, control and excitement that sighted players experience.

The new audio-based interface, called the racing auditory display (RAD), can be integrated into racing video games rather easily and is set to make these games equally accessible to people who are blind. Unlike common driver assistance systems, RAD uses sonification techniques rather than speech. To be precise, RAD uses two sonification techniques, which Smith describes as ‘the “sound slider” for understanding a car’s speed and trajectory on a racetrack and the “turn indicator system” for alerting players of the direction, sharpness, length and timing of upcoming turns.’


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#DigitalSingleMarket now in effect!

The new European Union’s law guarantees access to the same content for all EU member states. On April 1st 2018 the new law is in effect!

From now on all content on digital platforms like Netflix, Amazon, Steam and any other digital service has to be accessible to all countries of the European Union. That’s it

This is amazing news, something we’ve all wanted has finally happened after around 10 years of waiting, on the other hand that could mean increased prices (hopefully not) and things like no content of some sort at all in European Union.

Unavailable subtitles for movies and shows on Netflix are the things of past! Before the Digital Single Market law you couldn’t watch let’s say a movie with Polish subtitles while visiting Spain for example (been there, done that) which sucked really hard especially if the things you were watching weren’t in English (or other languages that you know).

Now let’s just wait and see what happens next, are they going to adhere to the new law? Is content going to change severely?

Source: European Commission

GamersGate: Goat Simulator for only £0.99!

This crazy stupid game is currently at 85% off on GamersGate – so it’s £1.05. It’s a Steam key naturally. Also there’s an additional 5% off code available, use ohmygoat on checkout to get it even cheaper – so in the end you can get it for only £0.99, the code works on the DLC as well.

DLGamer: Happy Easter – MMORPG discounts!

Our friends on DLGamer are having a special MMORPG Easter Deals for Elder Scrolls Online : Morrowind, Summerset and Guild Wars 2 : Hearts Of Thorns, Path Of Fire.

DLGamer Steam Alternatives Easter Sale

Game Price US Price EU DRM
The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset – Upgrade Edition $23.99 23.99€ Bethesda Launcher
The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset – Digital Collector’s Upgrade $31.99 31.99€ Bethesda Launcher
The Elder Scrolls Online – Morrowind Upgrade $11.99 11.99€ Bethesda Launcher
The Elder Scrolls Online – Morrowind – Digital Collector’s Edition Upgrade $17.99 17.99€ Bethesda Launcher
The Elder Scrolls Online – Morrowind Standard Edition $17.99 17.99€ Bethesda Launcher
The Elder Scrolls Online – Morrowind Digital Collector’s Edition $23.99 23.99€ Bethesda Launcher
Guild Wars 2 : Path Of Fire US $25.99 25.99€
Guild Wars 2 : Heart Of Thorns + Path Of Fire US $41.99 41.99€
Guild Wars 2 : Heart Of Thorns US $16.99 15.99€

Happy Farming!

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Price Comparison: Far Cry 5

It’s time for Far Cry 5 Price Comparison! All of the stores listed below are a part of our Steam Alternatives program.

Far Cry 5 Price Comparison Steam Alternatives SteamUnpowered Prices Cheaper Than Steam Ubisoft Games

Store Price in EUR Buy
OnePlay €42.99 Visit
Gaming Dragons €45.95 Visit
GamesDeal €47.69 Visit €47.99 Visit
GMG €48.43 Visit
GamesPlanet €48.99 with PAYSAFECARD Visit
G2Play €49.46 with UNPWR coupon Visit
GamersGate €50.99 Visit
G2A €59.39 Visit
Humble Store €59.99 Visit
Kinguin €60.84 with UNPWR coupon Visit
GamersGate €66.46 (Deluxe Edition only) Visit

GamesPlanet: Easter Promo now available!

Easter is coming up and GamesPlanet is having a nice sale, check out below for details!

Steam alternatives GamesPlanet

Almost 200 games at up to 90% off from various publishers including Dovetail, Konami, Paradox + Team 17.

Here are the highlights:

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