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Last updated on: April 2nd 2019

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General Rules

    • advertising and spamming is not allowed. This includes: using the forum, e-mail and private message system to spam other members
    • discussion of illegal activities such as software and music piracy and other intellectual property violation is not allowed, posting links to pirated software/game/music is not allowed
    • the administrator and moderators do not take any responsibility for what users say or do with the content provided on the site
    • we reserve the right to remove any posts or files without notice
    • this is an international website and it has participants of all ages – remember that what might be appropriate between people of the same age or gender might not be appropriate between people of different age groups or opposite gender, keep it clean
  • giveaways on the website are organized by the website administrator, winners are picked by the administrator or sponsors – some of the giveaways are sponsored by 3rd party companies/private people in exchange for advertisement on the blog and social media

Comments, Posts & Doodles

Steam Unpowered is not responsible for the comments and posts published on the web site or discussion forums and reserves the right to editing, shortening or removing comments containing content prohibited by law or considered to be offensive or inappropriate


You are allowed to use offensive language. But keep it to minimum so other people, who may not like that, can feel comfortable. We do not tolerate: racial, ethnic, and gender based insults or any other personal discriminations, and posts meant to offend or hurt any other member. If you need to say something bad to somebody do it over the PM system.

User Content

  1. Avatars Please use proper judgement when choosing an avatar. The site uses Gravatar for avatars and if you link your account with any social site (Facebook, Steam etc) it will be taken from there. The images showed as avatars are not hosted on this website, it’s all hosted on Gravatar, if someone is using your copyrighted image/picture or symbol contact them.
  2. Signatures Do not link to adult sites in signatures, do not use offensive content or big images.
  3. Links Pornography is not permitted, and adult content oriented links should be clearly marked as such if you must post them at all. Any form of under aged pornography will result in account removal, contacting the proper authorities and IP ban.
  4. Images Please keep your images in reasonable size and dimensions, as not everyone may be on a broadband Internet connection.

Other Rules

All questions have to be treated equally. Do not speak down to people. We all started as newbies at some point – always keep that fact in mind when responding to a question.
Try to be polite and friendly, we want more users coming to our site, not see them leaving it.

Registration Policy, Privacy Policy and Account Removal

By registering a free account on this website you automatically accept our rules listed above and you agree to uphold them.

On May 2018 we’ve added a proper information window regarding your consent, data usage (for example nickname, e-mail and possibly your Steam account link) etc. with “Agree” button that should pop-up on your account to comply with GDPR rules. By clicking on it you accept this page entirely. Once you agree you have every right to be forgotten, simply contact the administrator by sending an e-mail to contact@steamunpowered.eu

Your privacy is very important to us. Your e-mail address will not be available to anyone else, in fact it’s only needed if you want to post on forums or leave comments under news. If you want your account to be removed simply contact the administrators (listed below). If you ever receive any unwanted e-mail messages from our domain please let us know as fast as possible!

If there’s any kind of breach of security we are legally obliged to inform you and you will get that info straight away if anything bad happens.

Team of administrators:


Our server is located in Poland – site hosted by zenbox. The website is using free content management system – WordPress along with few free and premium plugins.

The SteamUnpowered theme and logo were completely done by the administrator and cannot be copied without permission (but don’t worry you can post our logo anywhere you want if you’re a news writer or whatever).


All trademarks and copyrights on this page are owned by their respective owners. Steam and Valve and any other logos are registered trademarks. If you have any questions regarding the website contact the administrator.

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