Weekend Deals (01.10.10)


Hello and good morning :) Let’s not waste time and open our (steam) wallet… :D


Updated: GetGames supports now paypal + coupon for discounts


50% discount for whole Magic the Gathering Duels of the Planewalkers and gamepacks
Team Fortress 2 celebrating the Mann Co. Store and has 50% discount
Total special deals: 46. Link


Unreal Pack (also separately)
Supreme Commander Gold
nice indie game Mr. Robot


D2D 6 years celebration deal is ending soon.
Other are listed here


Selection of community favourites – 50% discount. Games like: Duke 3D, JA2, Myst etc


Hacker Evolution bundle 50% discount
Also they should have 50% discount for Playlogic games, but the promo and banner link is broken :(
But they are listed also here and also search reveals them

Puzzle week, all titles 50% discount
Commandos week 50% discount
Cryostasis and Necrovision Double Pack 50%

Gamesplanet dropped the price for Civilization V, Ruse, Mafia II and Tom Clancy’s Hawk 2


Anything else?

GetGames celebrates the 3rd year of Eurogamer Expo and are offering 20 Sega “mega” games for free, when you pre-order Football Manager 2011. Use code goooaaal for 20% discount. 25% off from Kings Bounty Crossworlds Game of the Year with code expandedprincess. 25% off Mafia II with code bonpensiero and 25% off from R.U.S.E. with code pppokerface. And they now officially support Paypal. Hallelujah!

Games for Windows aka Games on Demand has 50% discount for Red Faction: Guerilla as a Deal of the Week

THQ official shop lowered prices for some games too. Check here



Have more info? Post a comment if you dare!

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  1. slay

    I believe that DosEmu is used for run those games. So probably yes.

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  2. Amadeus

    Does any Commandos game even work on Vista / 7?

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  3. Evernal

    Thanks for the football manager 2011 coupon code!!!!

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  4. slay

    Copy paste from their mail:

    25% off R.U.S.E. – Just £26.24! Use the code ‘pppokerface’ at the checkout

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  5. Dodo

    25% off from R.U.S.E. with code pppokerface ?

    promotial code isn’t accepted.. changing the number of p’s doesn’t work either

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  6. EviL

    also Garry’s Mod is 50% off – 3.99 euro

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  7. Dragoon

    Thanks for your advise. I followed it and save an other 50%. Thanks again. :)

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  8. Elbart

    Regarding Magic: buying the four packs individually is cheaper than the complete pack.

    But only the game +exp1+exp2 are needed, though.

    “Deck Unlock” unlocks all the achievements (which you would unlock anyway by actually playing :)), and “Foil Conversions” are only (permanently!) changing the texture of the card-backsides or something, only gfx, no change of gameplay or anything.

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