Weekend Deals (13.05.11)


This weekend only, save 75% on Serious Sam HD: First Encounter, Serious Sam HD: Second Encounter, Serious Sam HD Double Pack, and Serious Sam Gold Edition with unfair 1$ = 1€ prices.

Duke Nukem Forever, guess what? Also 1$ = 1€ price :S US: $44.99 / UK: £29.99 (8% higher) / EU: 44,99€ (41% higher) / AU: $71.99 USD (60% higher)

You can check the discount prices in SteamPrices.com. (Welcome back!)
NB! Do not forget, that white (+%) and yellow (-%) percentages are good after US price!


Grotesque Tactics! :D, Gothic 2, 3, 4, Hearts of Iron 3 series, etc.
Total 28 discounts here


UK (total 31)
EU (total 4)


Activision RPGs 30% off


Iceberg Interactive games -50%
Playlogic games -50%
Hot deals here


1c week – EVERYTHING -70%
Discounts for lots of games


Several discounted game sagas on sale. Check the Special Deals section
25 new games (NFS:S2, DS, RIFT, ACB, W2, DS3, Homefront, Bulletstorm, CoD:BO, TDU2, CD:MW2) on sale


Anything else?

DotEmu is offering this weekend startegy DRM free games with 50% discount – Cossacks series, Empire Earth series, Ground Control series

Beamdog offers very good discount for lots of games. All with 50% discount. Many free games added, like Star Control freeware remake Ur-Quan Masters!

THQ shop is selling several games with good price – Darksiders, Dawn of War II series, Metro 2033, STALKER


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  1. mik0

    I kind of want to abandon Impulse now that it became the gamestop online shop. It was poorly developed for year and an half anyway.

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  2. slay

    Thank you :)

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  3. Theon

    I just want to say that I really appreciate these info-posts. Kudos.

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  4. Mendozacheers

    Don’t forget the sale on all the Hearts of Iron titles @ steam =)

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