This is it guys, the biggest sale of the year is finally happening, detailed deals listed below!

GamersGate is having a bunch of new sales since their last update (Tom Clancy’s games for example), G2A is having a really nice promo, you can get 10% cashback with checkout code FRIDAY. SCDKEY is organizing some nice events too.


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Gabe Newell: Modders absolutely need to be compensated

Remember the last time when Valve tried to introduce paid mods on Steam? It didn’t go well and it did not survive contact with the PC gaming community. When the proposal was announced in April 2015 with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as a pilot game it mostly got negative feedback. Shortly after that Valve removed the feature altogether. To

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Valve to replace Steam Greenlight with Steam Direct!

At first Steam Greenlight was looking really good, the idea of it, but today I can easily say that the Steam store has been cluttered with all of those shitty games that no one wants to play and fake reviews for free games. Valve has been dissatisfied with Steam Greenlight as well, even Gabe Newell described the system as

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Valve wants to shutdown Team Fortress 2 gambling sites

If you’re unfamiliar with how skin gambling works in Team Fortress 2 it’s basically a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive clone made by Valve. They have released the following statement recently:

“In July of last year we outlined our position on gambling web sites, specifically noting that Valve has no business relationship with these sites. At that time we also began

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Game developer Digital Homicide banned by Valve!

Ever heard of Wyatt Derp? No? It’s fine, I bet most of us haven’t but the guys who created the game decided to sue 100 gamers who posted negative reviews on Steam. For $18 million! Yep.

The have a history of suing, especially game critic Jim Sterling (from YouTube) with a ridiculous $10 million lawsuit for posting rude

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Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC): Another proof that false positive bans are real

Since I’ve started using Steam back in 2007 I had this little obsession of mine, well more of a concern. You see, every now and then I have some sort of paranoia that I might get VAC banned for no reason, like I sometimes read online.

I used to be very cautious of what I’m running in

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The Steam sales are getting worse!

Every time there is a Steam sale on the horizon I think of buying something but when the event launches and I see the main store page I just can’t browse it. Why? The store displays all of the offers randomly, which means I can’t focus on any particular offer. I really preferred the old way of presenting

Valve’s Steam controller is selling badly

According to the latest data, Valve has sold around 500 000 Steam controllers which isn’t exactly the best number. They have been officially selling the controller since November 2015. It’s been over half a year and what’s even worse the number also includes all of the controllers sold with Steam Machines (all of them have at least

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Former Valve employee files lawsuit over wrongful dismissal

Remember that community translation drama on Steam? Former Valve employee files a $3.1 million lawsuit over wrongful dismissal. The suit also alleges employee misclassification and a hostile work environmentRead the suit here – it claims that the employee’s primary responsibility was translating content into Spanish, although she also served as a liaison with law enforcement in Spanish-speaking countries and worked

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Few words about Valve’s employee (Head Admin and creator of STS)

Here is some really bad info from reddit/r/Steam guys, Victor, a translator and ex-moderator from the Spanish Steam Translation Server team, posted a really concerning message regarding Steam Translation Server program:

“Valve employee also known for being the Head Admin and creator of STS, has been harassing, lying, discrediting, creating an oppressive, intimidating environment, and overall doing questionable

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Steam: Subscriber Agreement 2016 Update

On January 1st 2016 Valve updated their subscriber agreement. Here are the most important parts:

Steam News

Valve is now selling hardware in the European Union (the Steam Controller and Steam Link). Hardware distribution in Europe will be the primary responsibility of Luxembourg subsidiary, known as Valve SARL.

Digital content

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Here is why Steam customer service is still terrible but will get better this holiday season

In recent Kotaku interview with Erik Johnson about the current Steam Support, Valve employee told that progress is being made on Valve’s side of things, it’s just not visible yet:

“We started by realizing we had a lot of software to write to build a new support system,” Johnson explained. “The first feature that came of that was the ability

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Steam: Game Bans system is now live allowing developers to ban from individual games on Steam

Game Bans system is now available on Steam but don’t worry, those bans have to be requested by the developer. This allows the game makers to maintain their own games in ways that Steam couldn’t. Developer is also likely to have the time and resources to ban cheaters in hackers from its own title. It takes the burden of ban appeals off Valve’s

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Steam: Better restrictions for new accounts

Valve updated the policy for new Steam accounts recently. From now on you won’t be able to do those things in the list below until you actually pay at least $5 on Steam (probably 5€ in Europe?). Adding retail CD-Keys to the account won’t remove those restrictions either, which is good because there are tons of free CD-Keys on the

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Poll Time: Should Valve allow us to get refunds in EU?

You probably all have noticed that the Steam Subscriber Agreement has been updated to include some new rules especially when it comes to the 14 days return time in European Union. And no, you can’t do that on Steam (at least according to them) but is this completely legal or fair? See this little checkbox that pops up

New Steam gift restrictions are ridiculous!

Steam applied more restrictions to gifts activation and trading. New rules limit the number of countries gifts could be activated in. Gamers located in some parts of Europe and South America (and regions visible below on the screenshot) are discovering that once a gift has been bought from certain countries, it can only be redeemed in the same countries. If you add those

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What do you think of Steam Machines?

Do you like what they have showed us on the Steam store or not and why? I personally think that this is not a bad idea but the execution is horrible. I’ve expected something like top 5 Steam machines to be released, ranging from mid to high-end PCs inside, instead we get  over 15 machines – really, really overpriced

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Valve asking devs to no longer give games for Greenlight votes

Here’s what Valve thinks about giving game codes in exchange for Steam Greenlight votes:


“When you give away copies of your game in exchange for votes, you put us in a really uncomfortable position.”

“We do not think these votes accurately reflect customer interest and it makes our job harder in

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