Petition: Regional Pricing in Romania on Steam

Hello guys, please spread the word and sign the petition now! Click here for details.


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I run this place! :D

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  1. hunshiki

    Cyberkiller1 is right.
    But lol, I read the petition. “Romania is the 3rd buyer of Video Games from Eastern Europe”

    So they want to buy games, a lot of games…. for 10-20% of the price (see the Russian prices.)
    No words.

    But hey! Steam…. please, let’s make games cost 5-10% of their original price only for Hungarian people.
    I SWEAR that we will be the biggest buyers in Europe. Hell, in the world, even!
    Should just start a new Change petition, or a new Kickstarter right now.

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  2. cyberkiller1

    Stupid petition. There are already multiple pricing regions on Steam in the EU. Countries are assigned to them pretty reasonably too. The only problem is that game publishers don’t use them (except Valve). They slap a single price on the whole EU and that’s that.

    This is the problem that needs fixing, and making another region locked is not the solution.

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