Former Valve developer opens up – is Steam killing PC gaming?

Former Valve Software employee Richard Geldreich posted some really interesting insights on Twitter lately. According to the guy Steam was killing the PC gaming for years. Starting 2009 that is. This is when they’ve introduced different regional currencies and tiers in the store.

Geldreich worked at Valve from 2009 to 2014 and claims that the company has ruthless internal politics whatever that means.

Steam is in big trouble lately, games like Borderlands 3 are going to be released on Epic Games and there’s nothing they can do about it. Even though they did remove those bad comments on previous game installments, it took them way too long to fix it.

Big competition for the first time in years!

Is Epic Games about to end Steam’s monopolization of gaming worldwide? It’s possible. It’s good for all of us wheter you like it or not. I think it might even shake the console market a little bit.

Now back to the ex-Valve employee, he criticizes the 30% revenue share on Steam primarly calling it “tax on an entire industry” – Epic Games is about to change that dramatically.

Check out the full comment below:

And here’s a Tweet from Tim Sweeney (Epic Games CEO)

There’s also claims that Epic Games contains potential spyware or some other vulnerabilities. It’s just non-sense. Every single company collects our data these days, you either accept it or you don’t. There’s no cloud, there is no “free” service like e-mail or magical drive, it’s always about profiling. I thought pretty much everyone knew that already.

Epic Games is here to stay, let’s just wait and see how it changes Steam and gamers around the world.

I personally don’t even care if I “own” (which I don’t) a particular game on Steam, Origin,, UPlay, GOG, Epic Games or any other launcher out there. If the game is fine I don’t care.

Don’t give your money to only one of those companies, at least that’s my take on it.

Source: Screenrant, Gamepur, Gameshedge, Tweaktown, CDAction


2 responses to “Former Valve developer opens up – is Steam killing PC gaming?”

  1. stranded Avatar

    Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony have hardware which the games run on and you can sell the games to anyone else (even multiplayer games – retail versions on disk).

    As for game prices I guess they are crazy right now, you are correct. But so is any other goods you’re buying, everything is going up. Look at movie tickes in Central Europe, they are twice as expensive comparing to 2009.

  2. Shompa Avatar

    please explain how its ok for MSFT/Sony/Nintendo charge 50% licensing fee for every game released on their consoles but Steam is evil for 30%?
    How was it ok for retailers to have 35-45% margins on games they sold, but Steam is evil for 30%?
    Sure.. I would like Steam to take 0% but isnt PC gaming way better today than before Steam? I at least pirated 100% of my games before Steam. Killing piracy is about making buying easy and give value adds like cloud saves/chat/updating at a fair price.

    So maybe we should instead ask: Why is 60-100 dollars a normal price for a game? A movie ticket cost 12 dollars and movies cost way more to produce than games. There is a reason why EA/Ubi and so on rakes in billions in profits. Not because they care about their customers or Steam.

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