Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC): Another proof that false positive bans are real

Since I’ve started using Steam back in 2007 I had this little obsession of mine, well more of a concern. You see, every now and then I have some sort of paranoia that I might get VAC banned for no reason, like I sometimes read online.

I used to be very cautious of what I’m running in the background, even if it’s just a music player. Who knows how Steam/VAC scans the running processes? Even using some sort of trainer for single player games could potentially result in a VAC ban I guess. Modifying the game files too.

VAC Ban Revoked Valve 2016

There was this post on reddit from a guy claiming his VAC ban in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been removed by Valve:

It was a VAC ban for CSGO. I did not bother appealing it AT ALL. Within 41 days Valve removed my false VAC ban. I didn’t appeal because I thought there was no point in arguing as they do not take them back.

It’s nice you might think but should removing a false ban take 41 days? What the fuck? Origin has superior customer support and Valve should learn from them.

Also check out this comment which seems like a really valid point:

Many years ago I got ban in CS Source. I didn’t cheat. I asked on forums. I was told to “fuck off you cheater”, “VAC has no false bans” and few other comments. Valve support told me that bans are final and didn’t respond to any more messages. 2 months later my ban was removed with similar message.

In the process: I got my reputation ruined. My friends all thought that I cheated. I got banned from few online forums where I asked for help. I got disqualified from local LAN tournament and added to some (it is no longer existing) custom bans database for servers using some kind of 3rd party banning plugin.

With that false ban they forced be to create new account and buy CS source again. Fucking cunts.

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