Steam is now selling mods!? WTF!

It seems that you can now buy mods for Skyrim on Steam, check this page out. Also there is a whole thread on reddit here, people claim that some mods were already stolen and someone posted them as their own… This is so not cool at all and I think it’s safe to say that most gamers are disappointed with this business decision.

More to this games have updates, mods might not have them. What if you buy mods and the game updates to a state where this mod no longer works? What the hell?

What else? Early access mods? You guys need to seriously contact Valve about this. Send them e-mails or whatever… I really doubt they will listen though.

In other news Skyrim has a free weekend just to encourage you to buy mods.

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  1. rottenpumpkin

    Awesome video, Dragoon!

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  2. rottenpumpkin

    What’s up next? To pay to use multiplayer features of a PC game? :/

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  3. rottenpumpkin

    I forget to add you can get refunds on up to 30 days after your purchase (and it’s REAL money).

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  4. rottenpumpkin

    Steam users, prepare to be f*cked in the ass again! Steam and Valve are becoming more and more obsessed by money, it is ridiculous and so pathetic as is our society and economic system. Step by step, more restrictions and bullshit features arrive in Steam to f*ck you up. The last one was the impossibility to get refunds after buying a game. Now, Valve (and Steam) wants you to pay for mods (and to f*ck you again and again by not letting you get refunds after buying a mod, hahaha). This will destroy the philosophy of the modding community which is a passionate work by fans for fans (the nature of the modding community is to share your work). This is a huge and terrible decision which will have big consequences, in long term, in the PC modding community. What a f*cking shame!
    I often read on the internet that Valve is some kind of PC gods or PC savior or some sh*t like that… do you really think Valve is different than EA or Ubisoft?
    I’m 30 years old and if you’re way younger than me you can’t understand how it was just 15 years ago (90’s particularly late 90’s – early 00’s) : it was the golden age of video games and PC gaming. I’m not talking about this by melancholy : there were no DRMs, there were no DLCs, no need to have a shitty software running (like Steam) to start a game, there were always “demos” (an executable/installer to let you try a game), etc… seriously, is the world we live in so f*cked up regressions are called “progress”? Modern times, my ass!
    I don’t play on Steam anymore and I removed it from my computer because of all of this shit (same thing with Origin). I only buy my games in a physical store or on the internet provided that it is a “physical” game not a dematerialized one (a beautiful box with a manual and a CD or DVD, what’s better? :D) and provided that it doesn’t require a third party software (like Steam or Origin).
    Rarely, I buy some dematerialized games (which don’t exist in a “physical” format) at I really recommend you to buy your games there. There is a great and mature community, there aren’t any DRM (you buy your games and you have your executable in your account), no third party shitty softwares required to start your games, and there are always great deals… of course there are less games than in Steam because all of the games on GOG are DRM free.
    Thank you for reading me and sorry for my english (it’s not my mothertongue) ;)

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  5. Soul--Reaver

    I support giving the option, also its the game maker who decides whether to enable it for there workshop. I like choice though i favor free mods.

    Also about the 75%-25% thing. Like trading cards we can pretty much assume that part of it goes to the game maker, in this case bethesda.

    In short i support Steam in giving the option, i would dislike the developer/publisher that enables it

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  6. Dragoon

    Considering that mod creators only get 25% cut, with 75% left for Valve and publishers, I guess we can say who here is the real winner. No wonder Skyrim is on free weekend now. Bethesda just found a new way to milk the cow.

    Paywall for mods?

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  7. Lex Tertia

    I don’t think this is completely bad/evil. There are some mods that add multiple hours of gameplay that even include voice acting and stuff. If the developer really put effort in it then I wouldn’t mind to pay a few bucks.

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