Poll Time: Should Valve allow us to get refunds in EU?

You probably all have noticed that the Steam Subscriber Agreement has been updated to include some new rules especially when it comes to the 14 days return time in European Union. And no, you can’t do that on Steam (at least according to them) but is this completely legal or fair? See this little checkbox that pops up before you purchase anything on Steam in EU:

Clicking that check box means you agree to waive your right of a refund and only then will Steam let you purchase that product. Vote in our poll or leave a comment below to express yourself. You can also draw something stupid if you are angry (we all what it’s gonna be..).

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Should Valve allow us to get refunds in European Union?

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  1. stranded

    hunshiki I’ve been using Windows 10 since it came out. on my PC and notebook. I will never go back.

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  2. rottenpumpkin

    …and I’m 100% agree with Laserad too. I should say too, I miss the times when I was young I could try a game for a limited time, of course, before buying the game later, it was called a “demo”. Demos are a rarity nowaday, and it’s a shame. I don’t want to watch someone playing a game on youtube to make me forge an opinion about this game, I just want to try it myself (and in this case I’m not force to deal with spoilers). Another regression in this so called “modern times”.

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  3. rottenpumpkin

    I said it on another news here (about gift restrictions by steam), and I will say it again : Fuck steam and fuck Valve. When I buy somes clothes, books, movies, albums… I can get refund if I want but dematerialised video games ? NOPE. I remember years ago everybody were crazy about the idea of dematerialised games, everything seemed so nice but when they came out (with Steam first) more and more restrictions and bullshit were imposed like the 1 $ = 1 € bullshit, like the famous bullshit nonsense argument “I buy my games on Steam ’cause I don’t like DRM” in fact Steam IS a DRM, and of course we can’t get refund if we don’t like the game we’ve just bought. Fuck Steam, Fuck Valve. And for those who just want dematerialised video games without too much crap and without the crap imposed by Steam, go buy on GOG. But still, I prefer, any time of the day, to buy my games in a “physical” store and holding in my hands a beautiful game box like when I was young. What a fuckin regression digital delivery is ! In the name of GREED…

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  4. FiX

    I have four words for ya: I – Love – This – Company! YEEEEEEEEEES! :F

    But from another side who suffer most from the lack of refund? Those impatient keen idiots, mostly stupid kids and childlike customers who deep-throat the “Preorder now, be frustrated later!” slogans, buy early scamcess games, spend 60+ dollars / euros on hyped trash and hundreds on worthless, crooked dlcs. Well trained customers, who cant wait even a few weeks for something. They made the game industry a cheap bitch with high prices. They made this trend possible in gaming like in mostly every other aspects of our life.
    Without the mass of idiots dishonesty wouldnt be rewarding.
    I dont feel sorry for them.
    I feel sorry only for my people and the better minority cuz the herd made this World we have to live in a much worse place than it should be.

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  5. Alex

    Yeah, fuck them. So what choice do we have, origin and pirate games only :D

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  6. laserad

    fuck them! I not only want that but I also want them to allow us to sell games from steam, at least those purchased digitally and without a 3rd party digital drm key.. which I would ban, ubisoft.. EA didnt want to risk Valve ever doing that sort of thing so they ran away from steam…

    The fact that its digital shouldnt mean I cant sell it like any other thing…
    How fucking retarded it would be to keep your old phones when you get a new one, because it would be legal to sell used ones.

    I hate capitalism preventing customers to buy “used- which cant even be applied on SW” just fucking export a goddamn licence from one account to another, how hard that would be!

    Why not…because the company needs to inflate their sales numbers and create artificial demand to justify their next piece of shit game… I will never preorder shit, never pay more than 15€ for a game.. unless its gta five

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  7. LoGa

    I don’t even care about this shit… If I buy a game, and I don’t pre-order games, I look around for some reviews, gameplay vids and some other stuff… then if I like it, I buy it…

    And yeah Windows 10 is awesome! :D

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  8. hunshiki

    I miss the vote option “Windows 10 sucks” . :(
    All these people are falling for the old bait and switch trick… it’s a shame.

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  9. It would be wonderful if we could get refunds on Steam, but sadly that won’t happen. And before any one says they can’t make you waive your rights to a refund, that clause is binding and legal.

    “Indeed, the EU’s directive on consumer rights does generally establish a 14-day “right of withdrawal” for the sale of “distance goods” and the execution of some service contracts.
    But section 19 of that EU directive explicitly allows sellers of digital goods to ask users to waive that right before they make the purchase, provided the digital goods are delivered immediately.”

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