The Steam sales are getting worse!

Every time there is a Steam sale on the horizon I think of buying something but when the event launches and I see the main store page I just can’t browse it. Why? The store displays all of the offers randomly, which means I can’t focus on any particular offer. I really preferred the old way of presenting sales on Steam, it was much more eye friendly.

The store browse function also sucks. Here’s an example, when you go to the RPG category in the store and want to sort the titles by the lowest price it always shows those damn free to play games first which you can’t even hide, after clicking through every crappy free to play game the store suddenly hangs you have to start over – we all know how big is the Steam store load during the sale, I couldn’t even drop any cards yesterday from that queue thing.

It seems that the store is getting DDoSed too easily, few years ago it was really slow for first couple of hours tops – yesterday it was unusable for the whole night. But that’s not really such a big problem comparing to what I’m about to list below, check it out. I’m sure they can afford to expand their servers farm easily, they just don’t care.

Here are some things that I miss from the old sales:

  1. There are no flash sales that would keep me check the store every day, that was actually fun to see what games were on sale on that particular day.
  2. No mini-games! Come on! That was fun and rewards from them were pretty decent.
  3. There are no special event achievements in games. If you don’t know what I mean there was this one big winter sale on Steam once a couple of years ago were you had to gather coals by doing certain achievements in games, all of those games had special winter sale content in them, like maps, items and the earlier mentioned achievements. That was a lot of fun too!
  4. Most sales are crap. Majority of them are never larger than 50% anymore. We need bigger discounts!
  5. No special community tasks (such as leaving comments, adding friends, writing reviews, playing multiplayer in some game etc. to get something in return) for people to do is also a bad choice.

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What do you think about recent Steam sales?

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This is what makes people angry – especially the older gamers I think. Steam sales are particularly bad for people like me who own a lot of games that we bought over the years on… Steam sales. That’s why the catalog is no longer attractive to us and the most recent titles that we would want to buy aren’t discounted enough to even compete with the alternatives around the world. I remember that even the recently released games had some sort of discount during the sale time, now new titles don’t even have one like Ori and the Blind Forest.

Hopefully sales on Origin, Good Old Games, UPlay and other big platforms will be improved in the future. The recent ones aren’t even that bad considering you could get Battlefield games a lot cheaper on the EA’s store for example.

What do you guys think?


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  1. Windsday

    I wonder if anybody will try to jump the Berlin wall (or walls due to multi layer protection?) just for the Steam sales?

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  2. Windsday

    Steam is pretty much a monopoly. Most people never heard of the other places so Steam is it. Steam is the AT&T of gaming before AT&T was broken up when it controlled the telephone industry and price gauged.

    But Steam just like AT&T made very sturdy products you could drive a Soviet tank over.

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  3. Luiz Alves

    2011 Summer Sale also had special achievements. Several indie games were updated to include thematic missions/skins/achievements, and you had a to-do list with several in-game tasks. The games featuring such tasks were heavily discounted and you got tickets for every task done. Then you could use those to participate in prize draws or redeem free gifts, like DLC. It was so fun. Now I just browse for a few hours to see what’s discounted (if it’s even worth it) and then… that’s it. Sure it’s still good and there are some great deals, but I feel there’s simply no… soul, anymore.

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  4. AKA db

    Hey there. You can filter out free to play games by just adding ‘&specials=1’ (without the apostrophes) at the end of your search string URL. For instance, in your example, try this:

    You can even remove the RPG category filter, and it will still work, showing you all the PRICED games sorted from lowest on. You’ll even find a couple of nice surprises at the top of the list (sadly though, those are not purchasable…) =o)

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