Valve listens… at least for now.

Here’s good news guys. Few days ago Gabe Newell showed up on reddit, acting like he doesn’t know what the big deal is about.

On Thursday I was flying back from LA. When I landed, I had 3,500 new messages. Hmmm. Looks like we did something to piss off the Internet.

Yesterday I was distracted as I had to see my surgeon about a blister in my eye (#FuchsDystrophySucks), but I got some background on the paid mods issues.

So here I am, probably a day late, to make sure that if people are pissed off, they are at least pissed off for the right reasons.

People went very vocal in comments stating that they don’t want purchasable modifications, not only Skyrim but in general.

So yesterday at late night (European time zone) Valve announced that they are removing the paid mods from the Workshop and that everyone who bought mods will get a full refund immediately.

Now community is divided between those who lost all hope in Valve (about time?) and those who went back to praising them as saviors of the PC gaming.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s good that they listen but remember that every business just wants to earn money and they have realized how wrong they have fucked up this time and reverted it. Did you know that because of that messed up idea Skyrim lost over 10% of positive reviews on Steam? I’m sure Bethesda wasn’t happy.

We’ve won this one guys, we’ll see what comes next. Too bad they didn’t listen when they started charging us more for games in Europe in 2008…

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  1. Dragoon

    One thing interesting to see was how Valve Mods can go crazy starting to ban people left and right, that criticize, deleting whole conversion, comments, screenshots and other content not even related to the current discussion. That in the end Gabe Newell need to step in and get his own employees back in line.

    What’s up with all the banning and censoring of people complaining about this feature? How can you consider this to be ‘open’?

    [–]GabeNewellBellevueConfirmed Valve CEO[S] 3677 points 2 days ago

    Well, if we are censoring people, that’s stupid. I’ll get that to stop. On top of it being stupid, it doesn’t work (see Top Gear forums on Jeremy Clarkson).

    [–]kijib 2154 points 2 days ago*

    hi gabe, recently I was community banned by what I assume was a Valve mod for 1 week

    regardless of whether or not you feel I deserved it, I also lost ALL MY COMMUNITY POSTS (threads, comments on forums, screenshot comments, profile comments) that had nothing to do with my ban

    I feel this was unnecessary and would like to know if you can reverse it, I am also not the only person this has happened to

    this is my account, thanks

    UPDATE/EDIT: My ban has been lifted, but posts still gone, not sure if its still being worked on, but im guessing they’re probably unrecovarable =/

    oh well, thanks for doing what you could Gabe, appreciate it

    [–]GabeNewellBellevueConfirmed Valve CEO[S] 3068 points 2 days ago

    On it.

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  2. Dragoon

    Getting down voted into oblivion on Reddit must be even for Gabe Newel a completely new experience.
    Look at those numbers! -4212, -549, -396: those are impressive stats,
    …As of right now, the top post on the thread reads: “If you are looking for Gabe’s Comments you will need to look at his profile as he is getting downvoted so much.”

    BTW according to Bethesda the Workshop cut is 30% Valve, 45% Bethesda and the know 25% for the modder.

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  3. egon099

    actually paid mods aren’t so bad idea. But then the creator of the mod has to decide if it will be free or paid and how much it costs and at least 75% has to go to the creator.

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