New Steam gift restrictions are ridiculous!

Steam applied more restrictions to gifts activation and trading. New rules limit the number of countries gifts could be activated in. Gamers located in some parts of Europe and South America (and regions visible below on the screenshot) are discovering that once a gift has been bought from certain countries, it can only be redeemed in the same countries. If you add those games to your library, it would only be playable within the same countries.

Users living in Singapore, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, and others are furious on reddit. Here’s screenshot of the new restrictions:

Here’s a quick example, if you buy a game from Russia and send it as a gift, it can only be redeemed in Russia and can only be played in Russia, meaning that if the user were to travel to If you’re thinking of traveling to another country and playing your Steam games there forget it.

Fortunately it seems that CDKeys sold by third-party websites only require activation in the same region and allow players to play them anywhere after that. So feel free to use those Steam Alternatives until it lasts.

Valve, as usual, has not officially announced any of those changes.

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  1. Roman Hatsiev

    First of all, these restrictions are far from new, at least in Russia. The reason for that are local steam prices which are lower than those in US, let alone EU, by almost a half. It is only fair that publishers are given a choice to region lock gifts for some of their titles in order to make them affordable to local players. Really, you should do your homework before posting this stuff.

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  2. rottenpumpkin

    Fuck all these Steam bullshit. Steam sucks, Steam is a DRM. Fuck DRM, so, fuck Steam.
    I buy my games on GOG : no Steam, no DRM, no bullshit.

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  3. mik0

    And still it is believed that Valve is to be praised for pushing pc gaming…

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