Ubisoft’s subscription service is here. Try UPlay+ for free!

I guess everyone wants their own service these days? Netflix has really changed how people use their content. It’s funny how Steam still hasn’t done that yet. Check out the details below!

UPlay+ is a brand new Ubisoft subscription services that allows you to play any Ubisoft game at monthly fee

The highlights of their brand new PC service:

  • Full access to Ubisoft PC games Library – over 100 games!
  • Get access to premium editions available with DLCs and additional content
  • Newly released content will be automatically added to your library
  • Access to BETA versions
  • Cancel anytime, €14.99 monthly fee – might vary in different regions?
  • Starting September 3rd 2019 (free 30 day trial available on the release date)
  • PC only

And finally checkout the video below:


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