New currencies coming to the Steam store

I know this is rather old news but I don’t have much time to post here. I can’t believe this is finally happening… after 9 fucking years (!) Steam introduces more currencies to the Steam store. Details below!

This is an e-mail to all Steamworks developers from Valve Software – New currencies to expect on Steam:

“Pricing should be entered as soon as possible, with display of these new currencies scheduled to go live in time for our 2017 Autumn and Winter Sales. To enter pricing, sign in to the Steamworks Developer Site and select Pricing from the Apps & Packages drop-down. You will see green-colored recommendations filled in for new currencies, based on your selected USD base price. These recommended prices can be accepted or adjusted at your discretion. As a reminder, if you do not have pricing entered for a country after a local currency is set live on the Steam storefront, your game will be unavailable for sale in that country.”

“We have also updated our recommended pricing matrix for new and existing currencies. Our goal is to update these recommendations annually, so as to better help developers succeed in markets worldwide. Pricing decisions on Steam are entirely in the hands of you the developer, and we encourage you to always do what’s best for your players. You can find more information and suggested best practices in the Steamworks Pricing Documentation.”

“*PLN pricing is specific to Poland, but as always any game licenses purchased within an EEA country (either directly or as a gift) can be redeemed by any user within the EEA.”

“0,99 euro – 3,59 zł
1,99 euro – 7,19 zł
2,99 euro – 10,99 zł
3,99 euro – 14,49 zł
4,99 euro – 17,99 zł
5,99 euro – 21,99 zł
6,99 euro – 25,49 zł
7,99 euro – 28,99 zł
8,99 euro – 32,99 zł
9,99 euro – 35,99 zł
14,99 euro – 53,99 zł
19,99 euro – 71,99 zł
22,99 euro – 89,99 zł
27,99 euro – 107,99 zł”

Which means Poland is no longer getting fucked on Steam.

The devs of Conan Exiles upload the game to Steam without any protection

Conan Exiles debuted on Steam earlier this week and very quickly ended up cracked and pirated. It was supposed to be secured by Denuvo, the famous anti-piracy software that took a while to crack. Except that it wasn’t. The game developer Funcom says that this was entirely an employee error, somebody uploaded the game without any protection to Steam.

“Denuvo was temporarily removed due to an error in the build process.”

Conan Exiles lets players run their own servers so the game is really popular among pirates. However, this is just an Early Access release so we can assume that the game will be developed further and improved from here. People with the pirated version are going to be left behind eventually.

It kind of looks like they’ve decided to advertise the game that way, especially after reading that statement:

“There is unfortunately not much we can do about those who choose to download and play unauthorized copies, but we hope they make the jump to the official version so they can stay up to date with the latest patches and improvements,”… “Being an Early Access title, there will be a lot of updates going forward!”

Some people actually say it’s a really good survival game…

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Red Dead Redemption 2 won’t come out on PC?

It seems that Rockstar Games decided to release Red Dead Redemption 2 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 first, it isn’t all that weird considering they have a history of doing that. The problem is that they might skip PC at all just like they did with Red Dead Redemption back in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 years.


Sign the petition at and maybe Rockstar is going to listen. Petitions never worked though, so I guess we can at least show there are a lot of us who want the game out on PC.

Watch the trailer below:

I don’t know about you guys but if they are going to release it on consoles only I’m gonna have to buy one with the game and sell as I complete it.

Steam went full retard, all games are now region locked

Just like with the sudden currency change 6 years ago, right before the winter holiday season, now Steam decided to region lock ALL games in the catalog. So if you wanted to exchange gifts with your friends from around the world guess what? Look for Steam Alternatives because you won’t be able to, especially if you’re lets say from Europe or Australia and want to game swap with Russians or Asians.


Here’s a nice info from reddit:

Valve took the effect of AllowCrossRegionTradingAndGifting=No and applied it to everything. Every gift from these regions is now restricted, regardless of publisher settings: Russia/CIS Southeast Asia South America Turkey

This pretty much kills trading altogether.

Where is your Gaben now?

Stop pre-ordering games because they suck!

I’ve had enough of this. I think we all can agree that so far this has been a disappointing year in PC gaming.

First of all, Watch_Dogs have been delayed for a few months but they’ve managed to brake it anyway, it was significantly different from the E3 trailers – although it was somehow playable if you forced yourself on it. However, recent Ubisoft games are just fucking garbage. Assassin’s Creed: Unity is a horrible joke, I just can’t wrap my mind around this: How can you release such a shitty port to the public and advertise it like it’s a major master piece?


Don’t forget their 30 FPS bullshit excuse. Really? 30 FPS? Go ahead and play that on 120Hz screen and tell me it looks nice. It doesn’t and never will. If I ever read about how human eye only sees 24 FPS I will punch somebody. Who the hell cares what human eye sees or not? It’s all about the feeling, smoothness of the game, try playing some fast paced shooter at 24 frames per second on a 4K screen you morons. And I’m talking about PCs, if your console can’t handle more than 24-30 FPS that’s fine, play on that if you want.

Far Cry 4. Just when I thought it can’t get any worse they’ve somehow managed to fuck up Far Cry 4, a game I really wanted to play in coop this year. Coop is seriously broken, the game progress doesn’t save for the second player so if you join your buddy be prepared for a major disappointment.


It’s such a bad port you can’t even move mouse properly because it behaves like an emulated XBOX One controller. If you’ll have a chance to play that on PC just launch it and see what I mean. Besides the Ubisoft forum users see that too. And the stuttering, oh my dog, it’s so annoying you can’t even play the game, see the recent video from TotalBiscuit on YouTube.

Do you think The Crew will be any different? Let’s hope so but I’m not pre-ordering that.

Do you still pre-order games?

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What about other publishers and developers? Rockstar Games still haven’t released GTA 5 for the PC but the launch of Grand Theft Auto V Online was essentially broke for a good two weeks on the consoles. I wonder if that’s going to repeat itself in January for the PC release…


Battlefield 4 was just crap, it shouldn’t even come out yet, just EA and their standard money making scheme. Titanfall kept players interested for a few weeks at most then it got repetitive and boring.

Destiny was hyped up to be the greatest game ever, but lacks a story that players could really enjoy. It’s obvious that content was cut from the game, and this shows in parts of the game while you play it.

Noticing the pattern here? Games are becoming less refined. We should stop pre-ordering games, especially from companies who have a history of releasing shit. Just wait and see if the game runs clean (check it out online, YouTube is full of independent game reviewers or whatever), then buy it.

At worst you’ll miss out on a few days of gameplay, instead of getting ripped off. Most of us can’t afford to waste another €60.

No more preordering, and no more buying season passes before the game comes out. Stop it. Unless it’s Valve games. You can’t go wrong with these. Remember when The Orange Box came out? I’ve pre-ordered that instantly when I saw the ad on Steam and I love it. I miss those times, where are you Half-Life 3?

This post was inspired by a good reddit post on r/gaming.

Razor1911 creates BF3 bypass to play online without Origin


Haha wtf, weird times. One of the most known cracker/pirate groups Razor1911 released Origin bypass for Battlefield 3 for legit customers, allowing them to play online without using Origin.

So from now on if you hate the EA’s Origin just don’t use it and play this game. Here are the release notes of this tool.

But since we don’t really want to spread pirated content there won’t be any links or more info here.

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