Google Stadia is coming to town

If anyone remember's OnLive streaming service you probably rolled your eyes today seeing that Stadia announcement. But this time that kind of service might actually work because it has millions of dollars behind it and potential user base is huge. Play anywhere straight from YouTube Imagine playing the Doom remake in 4K @ 60 FPS on your smartphone, crappy tablet, Chromecast (which means your Smart TV too!) or notebook. Just…

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Xbox games coming to every device possible

You've probably heard rumors about Xbox Game Pass coming to Nintendo Switch. I gotta say Microsoft does not fuck around, they are planning to bring Xbox Game Pass to every device possible - including PC, Android devices and PS4 as well. In a new interview with Geekwire, Phil Spencer (the head of Xbox) talked about the company’s big plans for the Xbox Game Pass. “We want to bring Game Pass…

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Looking for Fortnite nerds

Hey guys, I've been playing Fortnite since the early alpha back in January 2016 but since then the game is all about Battle Royale - no idea why it's so popular. But anyway, I've always wanted to make Save The World mode oriented website and well it is up an running but I barely have time to update this site. If you happen to be psyched about Fortnite and it's…

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