This is it guys, the biggest sale of the year is finally happening, detailed deals listed below!

GamersGate is having a bunch of new sales since their last update (Tom Clancy’s games for example), G2A is having a really nice promo, you can get 10% cashback with checkout code FRIDAY. SCDKEY is organizing some nice events too.

Kinguin’s is really interesting as well – make a €35 purchase to get a random game, among them CoD and Wolfenstein II, up to 100% discount, or a voucher up to €50, Fanatical (formerly known as Bundle Stars) is having flash deals, new exciting discount daily. More below!

Special Steam Unpowered 5% off voucher: UNPWR

Black Friday EVENTS


Assassin’s Creed: Origins €41.49

The Sims 4: Cats and Dogs €27.99

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds €21.89





Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus £19.99

Destiny 2 £33.99

The Evil Within 2 £19.99

Assassin’s Creed Origins £41.49

South Park: The Fractured but Whole £37.49

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 £25.99

Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience £15.99




Special Steam Unpowered 3% off voucher: UNPWR


Special Steam Unpowered 3% off voucher: UNPWR

Make a 35€ purchase to get a random game, among them CoD and Wolfenstein II, up to 100% discount, or a voucher up to €50


G2Play Weekend Templates

Special Steam Unpowered 3% off voucher: UNPWR





Weekend Deals (12.11.2017)

Here are some of the best offers for the end of the weekend!

Football Manager 2018 – cheapest price worldwide!


Games on sale: 37 titles on sale from SEGA & Ubisoft at up to 77% off – click here


Hollow €14.09

Special Steam Unpowered 3% off voucher: UNPWR

Weekly Sale is up as usual

Special Steam Unpowered 3% off voucher: UNPWR

Need for Speed: Payback €46.45

G2Play Weekend Templates

Special Steam Unpowered 3% off voucher: UNPWR

Weekend Sale

Launch Sale is still up after rebranding from Bundle Stars to Fanatical

Super Mario Odyssey €56.60 (Nintendo Switch)

STEEP on sale – 11% off!


HOT DEALS now up!

Special Steam Unpowered 5% off voucher: UNPWR

Looks like Halloween Deals are still up here? Doesn’t matter if the price is right! ;-)

Giveaway Results: Watch_Dogs 2!

I’m happy to announce that our giveaway for Watch_Dogs 2 (sponsored by GamesPlanet!) ended 2 days ago. The winner is: SHIELDANO. I have sent you an e-mail with all the details. Please respond to it asap.

GamesPlanet: Watch_Dogs 2 Giveaway!


Ubisoft: 30 Days of Giveaways!

This is really interesting guys, Ubisoft is having a really nice promo in November and December. Each day gives you something else. See the details in the news post below! :D


Here are the special days in November and December:

  • Day 1 (24/11) : Rayman Classic on Mobile: AndroidiOS – this one has ads lol
  • Day 2 (25/11) : 30% off Ubisoft Games
  • Day 3 (26/11) : Exclusive Collection of E3 2016 Cards
  • Day 4 (27/11) : Ubi30 Exclusive GIF
  • Day 5 (28/11) : For Honor GIFs
  • Day 6 (29/11) : Ubi30 360 Image
  • Day 7 (30/11) : Just Dance Greeting Card
  • Day 8 (01/12) : Ubisoft DIY Advent Calendar
  • Day 9 (02/12) : Steep Wallpaper
  • Day 10 (03/12) : Exclusive Digital Posters from E3 2016
  • Day 11 (04/12) : Rabbids Holiday Goodies
  • Day 12 (05/12) : WWW Wallpaper
  • Day 13 (06/12) : Ubisoft Cocktail recipes
  • Day 14 (07/12) : Free Assassin’s Creed 3 on PC
  • Day 15 (08/12) : Ubisoft Wrapping Paper
  • Day 16 (09/12) : 300 games Giveaway: 300 copies of 3 of the latest Ubisoft titles (1 game per person, first come first serve)
  • Day 17 (10/12) : Watch_Dogs 2 Wallpaper
  • Day 18 (11/12) : Ubisoft gift tags
  • Day 19 (12/12) : Ubisoft Dessert recipes
  • Day 20 (13/12) : Ghost Recon GIFs
  • Day 21 (14/12) : Wallpaper for mobile
  • Day 22 (15/12) : Free Prince of Persia on PC
  • Day 23 (16/12) : Free Rayman Legends on PC
  • Day 24 (17/12) : Free Splinter Cell on PC
  • Day 25 (18/12) : Free The Crew on PC
  • Day 26 (19/12) : Rayman GIF
  • Day 27 (20/12) : Steep GIF
  • Day 28 (21/12) : Exclusive 2017 Digital Holiday Cards
  • Day 29 (22/12) : Ubi30 Wallpaper
  • Day 30 (23/12) : Ubisoft Holiday decorations

More details in here.

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Watch_Dogs 2 – Deluxe Edition €47.99 / £31.99

You can now pre-order Watch_Dogs 2 on GamesPlanet guys, go here to get it. If you’re not sure about a pre-order just wait until the game comes out and watch some reviews!


The same offer in Euros (it’s more expensive though):

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon FREE on UPlay (November 9th)

Another FREE game on UPlay coming on November 9th and it’s not some old game this time (last time it was Beyond Good & Evil). Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is really, really fun! It’s an awesome story with nice humor and it looks great. Just wait until November 9th and go here to claim it :)


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Get Trials of the Blood Dragon for FREE by playing it’s demo!

There is a nice promo on UPlay, if you’ve heard about the game Trials of the Blood Dragon you’ll be happy to know that you can get the game for free after you complete certain task in the demo. If you ace it the game is yours! Go here to read more about it. Download the demo from UPlay!

Trials of the Blood Dragon

You have time until July 31st to do that, once that date passes the promo is gone.

Ubisoft is 30 years old, gives free game every month for the rest of the year

Ubisoft is giving away a free PC game every month for the rest of the year. Login to your UPlay account to secure the games.


The promotion started with Prince of Persia: Sands of Time available right now. The next six games haven’t been announced yet.

Price Comparison: Tom Clancy’s The Division

Here’s a price comparison of the latest Ubisoft title. All stores sorted by the lowest price. All prices in Euros, you can easily convert them to other currency by using our widget on the sidebar. All keys should be region free but always check before you buy!

Tom Clancy's The Division Price Comparison

Store EUR Buy
Gaming Dragons €39.95 Visit
OnePlay €41.78 Visit €42.81 Visit
G2A €42.99 Visit
CJSCDKEYS €43.43 Visit
GK4ME €44.99 Visit
GamesPlanet €44.99 Visit
Games Rocket €49.49 Visit
Kinguin €49.99 Visit
GMG €51.06 Visit
GamesRepublic €53.99 Visit
GamersGate €59.99 Visit

Check out the launch trailer:

The Division open beta starts soon!

If you haven’t got a chance to try out The Division in the closed beta don’t worry because you will be able to play the open beta on February 19th! Open means there won’t be any NDA, you can record your gameplay, post reviews and stream the game on Twitch which is pretty cool. Can’t wait for Fortnite to do that!

You can pre-load The Division now by downloading it from UPlay (it’s 28GB).

The Division

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