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Steep open beta coming on November 18!

If you have no idea what Steep is it’s a crazy sports game from Ubisoft presented last year, it’s basically snowboarding, skiing and other winter sports on huge maps. Remember it’s Ubisoft after all so I guess we can’t expect much but it’s really rare to see those sort of games on the PC, I always wanted to

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Reminder: Avoid The Division!

I see that The Division is on sale on various sites this weekend, even on Steam itself it’s 40% off. This game sucks bad, it’s nothing like on the trailers and pre-release footage (well it’s Ubisoft, duh!!). After you finish the main story there’s nothing to do in the game and you will simply waste your cash.

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Get Trials of the Blood Dragon for FREE by playing it’s demo!

There is a nice promo on UPlay, if you’ve heard about the game Trials of the Blood Dragon you’ll be happy to know that you can get the game for free after you complete certain task in the demo. If you ace it the game is yours! Go here to read more about it. Download the demo from UPlay!

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