Steam went full retard, all games are now region locked

Just like with the sudden currency change 6 years ago, right before the winter holiday season, now Steam decided to region lock ALL games in the catalog. So if you wanted to exchange gifts with your friends from around the world guess what? Look for Steam Alternatives because you won’t be able to, especially if you’re lets say from Europe or Australia and want to game swap with Russians or Asians.

Here’s a nice info from reddit:

Valve took the effect of AllowCrossRegionTradingAndGifting=No and applied it to everything. Every gift from these regions is now restricted, regardless of publisher settings: Russia/CIS Southeast Asia South America Turkey

This pretty much kills trading altogether.

Where is your Gaben now?

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Bouncer

    VPN trading is coming <3

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  2. stranded

    you can still trade between US and EU I think (they said that on reddit several times) but I have no idea about Australia / US and Australia / EU.

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  3. Adam

    please dont be true, please dont be true

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  4. egon099

    Is this true and official?

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  5. egon099

    What the hell

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