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  • European Commission fines Valve Software 1.8 million euros for regional price blocking

    European Commission fines Valve Software 1.8 million euros for regional price blocking

    Well here’s something I didn’t really expect to see. Few years ago European Commission launched an investigation into violation of European Union’s laws by companies like Bandai Namco, Capcom, Focus Home Interactive, Koch Media, Zenimax and of course Valve Software – the owner of Steam. The case is now over (or is it?).

  • Will GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) affect Steam?

    The GDPR regulation is almost here. After May 25th all companies that opearate in European Union are bound to respect the new laws and our privacy. Steam is going to need to get consent from EU individuals to obtain and store personally identifying information (like name, address, phone number, email etc). This should be performed…

  • New currencies coming to the Steam store

    I know this is rather old news but I don’t have much time to post here. I can’t believe this is finally happening… after 9 fucking years (!) Steam introduces more currencies to the Steam store. Details below! This is an e-mail to all Steamworks developers from Valve Software – New currencies to expect on…

  • Borderlands 2: Complete Bundle €10 / $10

    I really like this coop game, now it’s super cheap with all DLCs! Go here. Since it’s Steam play it doesn’t matter if it says Linux on that page so don’t worry.

  • Origin Access now available in Europe!

    Origin Access, the PC version of EA’s subscriber service, is now available in Europe. It’s a really nice offer especially if you just want to play some Battlefield 4 or Dragon Age: Inquisition for like a month and then just cancel the subscription. The monthly fee is approximately €4 and includes access to The Vault. There are…

  • Weekend Deals (24.10.2015)

    Here are the Weekend Deals for today. I will update this post if something new comes up! Knights of Pen & Paper + 1 Edition €2.49 Silent Hunter 5 : Battle of the Atlantic – Collector Edition €2.49 THIEF €7.49 Edna & Harvey – The Breakout €2.95 Broforce €8.95 Call of Juarez Gunslinger €3.95 All deals available here. 3% off voucher: UNPWR…

  • DLGamer: Bastion $3.75 / £2.87 / 3,50€, Steam redeemable

    Here’s a nice indie game, if you haven’t played this one yet you really have to! Here are the links for each region: USA, UK and the rest of Europe. Game works with Steam.

  • EU targeting Geo-Blocking and Territorial Restrictions.

    Today the EU Commission released a paper outlining the Digital Single Market Strategy for Europe. One of the points addressed is the “preventing of unjustified geo-blocking”. With other words. The EU commission is planning to ban online territory restriction inside the EU. Many of us have been victim of IP based racism in the past.…

  • Cities: Skylines on sale on DLGamer!

    Here’s a nice deal on DLGamer, Cities Skyline (which has a potential to compete with older SimCity installments) is now on sale for only $23,49 for the Standard Edition & $29,99 for the Deluxe Edition. Check them out! :D

  • Mount & Blade series on sale on Games Republic

    I’ve only played the first one to be honest, but I guess it’s a fun action RPG game. Redeemable on Steam. Get the details here.

  • Will You Be My Valentine – ends in 12 hours!

    Last chance to win Evolve and loads of gift cards thanks to G2A guys! Enter here and participate in the giveaway, tell your friends. The giveaway ends on midnight! Remember to leave your proper e-mail address at your account settings if you are logging in with Steam, Facebook etc. because all prizes will be sent…

  • GamersGate: DiRT 3 and DiRT Showdown 75% off

    One of my favorite racing games are now cheaper on GamersGate – both at 75% off. They work with Steam just fine. Click here to check it out!

  • Bioshock Infinite for 7,50€, Steam redeemable

    Along with other BioShock titles and Star Trek: The Video Game. All on GamersGate! Click here to see it.

  • Refunds are coming to Steam whether Valve likes it or not!

    Refunds are coming to Steam, it’s not up to Valve anymore! European Union consumer rights directive is now in effect. You can request a refund for all digital sales in 14 days without questions if you live in European Union. This also means consumer protection is likely to spread across other countries like the United States,…

  • Steam will most likely raise prices in Europe on the 1/1/2015

    The new European Union legislation takes effect in January 2015. It is forcing online services like Steam, Origin, Uplay, Netflix, Spotify (which is simply amazing!), Amazon and others to pay taxes to the country where the user buys the product or service from instead of where the company is. Valve has their European headquarters in Luxemburg where the taxes…

  • Steam went full retard, all games are now region locked

    Just like with the sudden currency change 6 years ago, right before the winter holiday season, now Steam decided to region lock ALL games in the catalog. So if you wanted to exchange gifts with your friends from around the world guess what? Look for Steam Alternatives because you won’t be able to, especially if…

  • Steam: Qvadriga pricing in Europe is a joke!

    “Welcome to the Roman circus!”  It is actually funny on how the developers react to gamers pointing out the bad pricing. Read below. One of our members (X37) pointed out to the game developers on the official discussion forum that the pricing is bad for Europe (as usual..) and that they should use the correct…

  • Get Watch_Dogs for 36€ / $49 / £29, Uplay redeemable

    I have no idea how they do it but Watch_Dogs is for only 36€ on G2A, get it now, it works globally and activates on Uplay.

  • Humble Store: State of Decay for 4,74€

    State of Decay is now on sale in the Humble Store for only 4,74€! Get it in here.

  • Tripwire Interactive on Steam pricing in Europe

    Here’s an interesting post from Tripwire Interactive (the makers of Red Orchestra and Killing Floor series) employee: They’re saying that the publiser sets the price (or the developer etc.) – that’s true and we already knew that. But according to this post from the makers of Adventurer Manager it’s Valve who doesn’t correctly convert the price for…

  • Website now in beta, updates incoming!

    Hey guys! Please treat everything you see here as beta. Just updated the website, now it’s more clean, faster and better in general I guess. Steam Alternatives list has been updated (removed INTKEYS for good). There’s a brand new menu on the site, click on the + on top right to see some useful tools like:…

  • OnePlay: South Park The Stick of Truth $45, Steam redeemable

    I’ve just added OnePlay as another Steam Alternative store – this one is situated in United States (Las Vegas) and has a sub-office in Denmark. You can pick from several available currencies freely. Check out their latest offer, South Park The Stick of Truth for $45. Naturally it’s redeemable on Steam.

  • "Free-to-play" misleading advertising in Europe

    European Commission meets with devs to improve consumer protections, wants them to stop calling games free if they have in-app purchases. Complaints from consumers who unwittingly purchased in-game upgrades in free-to-play titles have become common enough that the European Commission is taking action on the matter. EC members are meeting with tech companies and national…

  • G2A: Final Fantasy XIV 60 Days Time Card for 18,99€ / $27.36 / £16.33

    Check out the sale for Final Fantasy XIV 60 Days Time Card for 18,99€ / $27.36 / £16.33! Check it out by clicking on the image below or here: This is for Europe only.