Valve to add extra security to trading, hold items for a period of time, require to use it’s mobile app

Hey guys, first of all thanks to Andrea for telling me about this. Secondly Valve is about to add a new trading security measurements, which holds items in every trade for a period of time likely up to several days, unless both parties have mobile app Steam Guard enabled. This is ridiculous considering the app is not available for my Windows 10 Mobile phone (at least not yet) and what about people…

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Steam went full retard, all games are now region locked

Just like with the sudden currency change 6 years ago, right before the winter holiday season, now Steam decided to region lock ALL games in the catalog. So if you wanted to exchange gifts with your friends from around the world guess what? Look for Steam Alternatives because you won't be able to, especially if you're lets say from Europe or Australia and want to game swap with Russians or…


Steam trading will require Steam Guard

Valve is fighting scammers? On December 12th, Steam Trading will require that your account has had Steam Guard enabled for at least 15 days before you can trade items. Anyone else exicted about winter sale? How about winter lottery on Steam Unpowered? :-)


Steam gets support for tradable discount coupons

According to a new FAQ, Steam now supports coupons. These tickets will sit in your inventory, and can be traded. Each coupon can be used on one game, but it doesn’t look as though they’ll operate as general Steam gift vouchers. The FAQ mentions that each one can be tailored to offer discounts on a certain selection of games. When you buy a game with a relevant coupon in your…

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