Steam: Gifting system has been improved!

Steam Gifting will now be a system of direct exchange from gift buyer to gift receiver - Valve has removed the Gift to E-mail and Gift to Inventory options. Benefits from the new system: Scheduling Gifts Is Even More Straightforward. Go ahead and buy a gift months in advance and have it delivered to a friend on time, every time. Declined Gifts Resolve The Way They Should. In the old…

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Steam went full retard, all games are now region locked

Just like with the sudden currency change 6 years ago, right before the winter holiday season, now Steam decided to region lock ALL games in the catalog. So if you wanted to exchange gifts with your friends from around the world guess what? Look for Steam Alternatives because you won't be able to, especially if you're lets say from Europe or Australia and want to game swap with Russians or…


Update: Valve taking action against gifts from USA and Russia!


People in the Steam gifting-scene from Russia and USA claim that they have received emails from Valve, urging them to stop gifting to players from Europe. On some accounts, buying games has been completely disabled.

This is completely unacceptable. For most of people, buying games via a USA-gifter has never been about getting the game cheaper (at least not for Germans). It has always been about getting the uncut version of a game.



Watch out: Valve has introduced regional restrictions to some gift purchases from Steam

  Previously they stated, that any game (gift) which was bought in Steam Store will not have any regional restrictions to add to the library and play (it is well known that CD keys usually have various restrictions on activation and playing). Actually steam support still claims that gifts will not be region locked, but it is not true, there were several solid confirmations that restrictions exist. Right now you…


Russian Movement

Hey guys! We are currently looking for trusted Russian contacts to help us out in our cause. If you have a trusted friend from Russia (money-wise) please provide them this e-mail address: or ask them to add me on Steam ( so we could talk a little. Basically we need help with Russian payment options but without outside help we cannot do much. You’re probably wondering why? Well, we…


Steam should provide buying international titles around the globe

There's a pretty interesting post on Steam Forums (thanks for the info Kossak) about regional versions of Steam games being released in Russia (yep, Russian only). The original poster thinks that "cheap region restricted versions should be optional, not forced". Lets expand the idea a little and say why not release games around the world in two versions, one cheaper (restricted to one language only and even one area only…