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Crysis 2 Maximum Edition

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Origin blocked in Myanmar (Burma)

I’ve just stumbled upon a very concerning post on reddit. According to the OP, and several topics (for example here and here) on EA Answers, Origin has been blocked in Myanmar.


Check this out:

I live in Myanmar, and I own about 20 games on Origin, and have spent hundreds of dollars on the platform. I’ve bought the full editions of all of the Battlefield games up to this point, with their season passes. I was trying to log into Origin a few days ago, and got a bizarre “Access Denied” message. I googled it, and found that “Origin is no longer available in Myanmar.”

Supposedly EA is blaming this on complying with US sanctions against Myanmar (which is total crap, considering Steam, GOG, and every single other content distribution network is just fine). Additionally, sanctions were lifted on October 7th. Still no access to our games that we bought.

None of us has been offered a refund – just a “sorry, all your games are gone.”

Remember, if they do it to me, they can do it to you too. Don’t use or buy games from Origin. They will take your content away without offering a refund.

I feel like this is something that the entire gaming community needs to know about – I don’t think that revoking access to an entire country’s worth of people’s paid content is something that should happen quietly. PLEASE spread the word about this. We in Myanmar need your help to get our games back!

This really sucks guys, lets hope gamers in Myanmar get their games back asap!!!

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Video game actors go on strike!

It’s official, the largest actors union in Hollywood called a strike this Friday against video game companies. Apparently they didn’t agree on how to pay performers who do voice-overs and motion-capture work for the most popular video games.

They have stopped working at 12:01 a.m. last Friday (21.10.2016). Creating games take a lot of time and money these days, large casts of actors take part in the development process.


Union members are planning to picket one of the companies, Electronic Arts, at its location in Playa Vista today (Monday, 24.10.2016). Other companies affected by the strike: Activision Blizzard, Take Two, Warner Bros. and Disney. The chief negotiator for the video game companies said that when negotiations failed, the two sides were not very far apart:

“The only difference is the semantics,” said Scott J. Witlin of the law firm of Barnes & Thornburg. “The sad thing is that people are going to lose work.”

SAG-AFTRA, claims that their demands were much higher though. The union was asking for a new compensation structure that would allow actors to start receiving residual-like payments based on a game’s commercial success. They were also asking for improved safety conditions for voice-over and motion-capture performers. The proposed bonus system would allow actors to receive additional payments for every 2 million copies or downloads sold — or, for online-only games, unique subscribers — with a cap at 8 million.

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Video game companies proposed a 9% wage increase instead, which would speed up the 3% annual increase sought by SAG-AFTRA over a three-year period. They were also offering additional compensation of up to $950 per game based on the number of sessions a performer works on a particular title.


On Thursday, the union refused to accept the companies’ proposal, describing the current compensation structure as a “freeloader model.” Union members also want more transparency in the hiring process, with actors claiming that they are often kept in the dark about what video games they are working on until well after their job is done. Some say this prevents them from negotiating higher pay on more popular titles.

“I never knew I was in ‘Fallout 4’ for the 1 ½ years I was [working on] the game,” union member Keythe Farley, a voice actor and director, told reporters Friday.

Farley voiced a key character in the video game, which raked in more than $750 million in its first 24 hours of sales.

A fair system of pay would include “secondary payments when games hit a certain level of success with consumers, not simply higher upfront wages. Secondary compensation is what allows professional performers to feed their families in between jobs,” SAG-AFTRA said in a statement.

“This negotiation is not only about upfront compensation. It is about fairness and the ability of middle-class performers to survive in this industry. These companies are immensely profitable, and successful games — which are the only games this dispute is about — drive that profit.”

The video game companies — which also include Blindlight, Corps of Discovery Films, Formosa Interactive, Insomniac Games, Interactive Associates and VoiceWorks Productions — have argued that their industry is fundamentally different from Hollywood and that a system of residual-like bonuses for actors would not be feasible.

“We had hoped this would be successful, but union leadership left mediation without providing a counteroffer. We urged union leaders to put the package to a vote of their membership, but union leaders refused,” Witlin said in a statement. It’s unclear how much the strike will affect the industry. According to the companies, SAG-AFTRA represents performers in less than 25% of the games on the market. The union says that number is false. The existing contract, known as the Interactive Media Agreement, expired in late 2014 but performers kept working under it as talks dragged on for 19 months.

Source: LA Times

Price Comparison: FIFA 17

Here is the Price Comparison for FIFA 17, lets see which store has it at lowest price!


Store EUR Buy
GK4ME €39.50 Visit
Gaming Dragons €40.49 Visit
OnePlay €40.99 Visit
GameLaden €41.49 Visit
G2Play €41.78 Visit
CJSCDKEYS €42.26 Visit €44.39 Visit
GMG €46.30 Visit
OnePlay €46.44 Visit
Kinguin €46.99 Visit
GamersGate €48.99 Visit
GamesPlanet €56.72 Visit
Games Rocket €57.46 Visit
G2A €58.15 Visit
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Origin: 50% off any game, use the special code now!

Here is the special voucher that takes 50% off any game on Origin. Here you go: ORIGIN50 – use it at checkout.


The are exceptions as usual:

“Excludes Star Wars™ The Old Republic™, pre-orders, select partner titles distributed by origin, virtual currency, game time codes and subscriptions. Valid wherever products are sold. May not be combined with any other promotional or discount offer, unless expressly authorized by EA.”

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All Battlefield 4 DLCs are now available for FREE!

Just add all of the DLCs into the cart and proceed to checkout, all of them will be assigned to your account and you just need to buy the standalone game after that if you want, you don’t need it to redeem all of the DLCs!


Here are all of the Battlefield 4 DLCs:

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Weekend Deals (31.07.2016)

Here are the deals for the last day of July. It’s kind of stupid that every store keeps on naming their sales after Pokémon. Oh well.

SteamUnpowered Weekend Deals 2016 July


Jackbox Party Packs on sale!

Jackbox Party Packs

GMG Weekend Templates

Extra 20% off voucher: JULY20

Last days of GMG Summer Sale

Final SAle

More deals in here.


Strategy Excellence



Ubi games

Capcom Weekend

Capcom Weekend

Indie Spotlight Sale (still up and running!)

Indie Spotlight Promo


Special Steam Unpowered 3% off voucher: UNPWR

Weekly Sale is up! Featuring World of Warcraft: Legion – brand new add-on.

Weekly Sale Pokemon


Special Steam Unpowered 3% off voucher: UNPWR

Catch Deals up to 90% off!

Catch Deals


Dungeons Gold Edition €0.59

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare PRE-ORDER €38.49

Just Cause 3 €14.99

G2Play Weekend Templates

Steal The Deal

Steal The Deal


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive €7.88

Diablo 3 EU €13.79

Diablo 3 – Reaper of Souls EU €12.37


Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition €5.48

SCDKEY Weekend Deals

Special Steam Unpowered 5% off voucher: UNPWR

Summer Sale is on – up to 75% off! – still on sale (second week)

SCDKey Sale


FAR CRY Primal Special Edition €24.99

Borderlands Pre Sequel Season Pass €5.99

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare €12.85


Here’s a nice sale on!

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI $36.44


Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition $13.49


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided $36.44

The Technomancer $32.39

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GOTY Edition $31.04

World of Warcraft – Legion $32.39


Wargaming Weekend

Wargaming Weekend


Couple of new deals below:



The Summer Sale is still available on CJS-CDKeys – Summer Sale

CJS Summer 2016


Deponia series on sale in here.


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