Steam: Mac support on the way?

Is Steam coming to Mac users? It seems so! Check out this thread (they found some hidden TF2, Left 4 Dead and Portal images and new Steam’s UI Mac buttons):


We Want Live – about to receive an answer? (THEY DID!)

There’s a hope for Polish XboX Live and Games For Windows Live. As far as I know the creators of WWL are about to receive an official statement from Microsoft head quarters in USA. Too bad Microsoft waited a month to do this… We will post more details here as soon as we know something. UPDATE: Here’s an official Microsoft statement about XboX Live sevice in Poland: Xbox is very…


Pre-ordering on Steam? Think twice.

Some angry Steam user posted a very interesting message on the official Steam Forums. He wanted a refund for his pre-order of Aliens vs Predator game (for whatever reason, you can always refund a pre-order). But he bought the game with a discounted game Psychonauts ($2 at a time). What’s wrong you may think? Well, according to Steam Support you can’t refund only one game if you put them both…


Steam: New S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game with cool promo

If you happen to own previous S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games (Shadow of Chernobyl or Clear Sky) on your Steam account you can get the newest (Call of Pripyat) for 9€ (or 50% less, depends on a Tier). Simply buy the game and let it check if you have older Chernobyl games on your account, if yes the new one will be working ok. However, you cannot gift Call of Pripyat with the…


Steam grows by 205% in 2009

Steam keeps growing even though the prices are very high in Europe – people are still paying for the digital downloads (although we can’t really say if Steam is more popular in USA or Europe). Steam, now has over 25 million active users. Those 25 million users managed a peak concurrency of 2.5 million games players, racking up more than 13 billion player minutes per month. But of course, the…

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30 commercial games released for free

Fallout, King's Quest, Bonk, and more. Download the best titles that companies gave away! Here’s a quote from Games Radar: We like free stuff. That’s why we posted links to download and play 365 free games so you could have a decent game to play for every day of the year, free of charge. Unfortunately, GamesRadar has yet to wrestle the most formidable type of free games into submission so…


Command and Conquer Classics for Free

(click on the picture to see the deal) Electronic Arts celebrate this year Valentines Day by giving away for free Command & Conquer™ Classic games. This involves the first Command & Conquer ever, Command & Conquer Tiberium Dawn Command & Conquer Red Alert 1 Command & Conquer 2 Tiberian Sun including the expansion pack Firestorm Happy Valentine Day Command & Conquer™ Classics for Free. Make sure you read the "Installation…


The Clock Is Ticking

Microsoft has exactly 27 days, 6 hours, 14 minutes and 34 seconds while I write this. 27 days for what you say? Well you probably heard about We Want Live group. They sent a letter to Microsoft and gave them 30 days to respond to their demands for the XboX Live service in Poland (Games For Windows Live too I guess). If your country doesn’t have Live too simply go…


GOG: Activision games available!

OK here it is – the big secret turned out to be Activision games on GOG. You can buy two games for now: Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers or Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura for 6 bucks each! And more games are coming soon.


GTA: Chinatown Wars not available worldwide

Rockstar Games just released GTA Chinatown Wars for the iPhone but it turns out that it's not available in all Apple app stores. It’s been 4 days since the most of the world can get it but still nothing in Switzerland, Mexico, New Zealand, Japan and many other countries. Most of you will probably say that “it’s only 4 days”, true, but remember what Valve CEO, Gabe Newell said few…


Microsoft has 30 days to answer Polish players

Microsoft encouraged Polish players to buy original games (without multiplayer support and Live features) and stop modding their consoles. XboX players who are responsible for the revolt-ish website contacted Microsoft Poland and... Here’s what the site owner posted on their site (translated freely by me): “We’re after talking to Microsoft Poland. (…) We live, we are well and continue to attack! It turns out (which was already a little…


Steam Alternatives: Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming, a company located in the United Kingdom, is about to launch a digital download store for the PC with a difference, claiming its store will be able to offer "pre-owned" digital sales. "Previously the minute you had paid and downloaded your game it had no resale value", says Gian Luzio, Green Man's COO. "This is extremely expensive for the gamer and does not encourage the consumer to…


Bioshock 2 with “great” price


(click on the picture to see the deal)

You probably all remember nice hit-game Bioshock that collected many awards and so on. Now it is time for sequel. But like usually, there are no good things without bad things. The good thing is that you can get Bioshock 1 for free, you can give the extra copy to your friend, if you already have one. And there is now multiplayer! Achievements! DLC‘s! And somekinda social networking based on Games for Windows live.

And the bad thing is the price for Europeans, except United Kingdom citizens.

US: $49.99 $44.99 (~32€)
UK: £39.99 £26.99 (2% lower) <- 33% discount not 10% like the others!!!!!
EU: 49,99€ 44,99€ (43% higher)



Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition with co-op mode

The Ultimate Edition of Zeno Clash was ported from Orange Box engine to the Left 4 Dead-ish engine and it should be working a little bit smoother on the XboX 360. Unfortunately the Source engine is limiting the Ace Team in making the PlayStation 3 version possible. The game is going to have a cooperative mode, a bunch of new attack moves, enemies and weapons. The very well known Tower…


Microsoft sells partially functional games in Poland

Some really interesting stuff is going on in Poland right now, Microsoft started a really weird action in which they promote the original games for XboX 360…but XboX Live service (and Games For Windows Live) doesn’t work in Poland which is absurd because Polish gamers pay for their games the same amounts of money like any other nations do. Few people didn’t like the whole action so they made their own action, read about it below – written by Kuba Pilecki:

We would like to inform you about our action, that started recently due to the statement of Polish department of Microsoft, responsible for promotion of Xbox 360 in Poland.

We have started a project called “Nie sprzedaję wybrakowanego produktu – nie kradnę (I don’t sell partially functional product – I don’t steal from my customers)”, which was a reaction to an action started by Polish Microsoft. Our project was originally meant to be an answer to the action organized by Polish department of Microsoft, which was against hard-modding of the consoles and the piracy. Because one of the representatives of Microsoft advised, that the main reason for a LIVE subscription being unavailable in Poland is due to a piracy, we’ve decided to react. Now we are planning to start an international project called “We want LIVE”.

As the users of the original versions of the games for Xbox 360 console, we didn’t like the fact, that somebody was insinuating that because Polish gamers use illegal software, there will be no LIVE available for us. We do not agree with suggestions, that that is the case. We do not believe that the Polish gamers are responsible for lack of LIVE in Poland. We think, that after few years of waiting for the start of that service in our country, after dozens of promises
saying “wait one more month” – the time we’ve given is over. And that’s mostly thanks to the words of Mr Kuba Mirski.



Hugo Chavez: PlayStation is poison to children

Chavez, in his weekly radio-TV show "Alo Presidente," called on Venezuelan manufacturers to make "educational" toys and dolls with cultural peoples' features to replace capitalistic parts like the Barbie doll that "have nothing to do with our culture." In expanding on his dislike of western toys and games -- he already slammed Nintendo for promoting "selfishness, individualism and violence," Chavez Sunday took on the world's top selling game console, Sony's…


Canonical is going to bring Steam to Ubuntu?

One of the administrators - Matthew Helmke – created a poll concerning the most desired applications on the Ubuntu linux distribution. The poll is meant to show Canonical in which direction Ubuntu should go. We can find several commercial apps in the poll, such as: Adobe Photoshop, World of Warcraft, Steam and Apple iTunes. These are the most desired applications for Ubuntu of all time. However, there is a…


Team Fortress 2 Contribute

Valve is going to put Team Fortress 2's fanbase to work, giving them the chance to craft their own in-game items, weapons and avatars. It's part of the new "Contribute" site, which will allow TF2 fans to submit their own ideas for things like hats and guns to Valve. The good ones will be included in the game. For everybody, too, not just the person responsible.   You can submit…

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