The original F.E.A.R. game arrived to Steam


Finally and after such a long time..

For a very fair prices you get the full game with both expansion packs. The game’s sequel is available for very low price of £9.99 from the British section of Steam Store.

€ 8.99
$ 9.99 » € 7.99 (-11.12%)
£ 6.99 » € 8.03 (-10.68%)

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  1. glubbar

    I bought the game the day it was announced.
    And man, how good does it feel to buy a game with a FAIR PRICE, not to mention the game with add-ons included.

    For once, I must say THANK YOU Steam.

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  2. tvbegovic

    Ah, FEAR. I still enjoy playing it although it caused me a pain when I bought Logitech G500 mouse. It suffers from huge frame rate drop until you disable HID device corresponding to G500.
    One of the best AI of the time. Not to mention slomo, atmosphere, Alma, blood and gore …list goes on and on.

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  3. Dragoon

    @zahpeter Nice find.

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