Free games sponsored by The US Air Force!

Thanks to US Air Force you can get those 3 games completely free – just go here!

However the FileFront servers are having some sort of trouble right now so just wait a little bit ;-)

Update: Here are some working mirrors!

Rise and Fall :

The Suffering:

Area 51:

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I run this place! :D

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  1. stranded

    No they don’t have any ads as far as I know (just played a little Area 51) and no DRM at all. They are available worldwide.

    Also they dropped support for Area 51…bummer. It had campaign coop!

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  2. gyokzoli

    Do these games have ads or requiring registration? I can even imagine that these are only free for US citizens.

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  3. Rad86N

    too bad that area51 and rise n fall are pieces of crap..
    i got retail suffering 1 and 2.. both were fun to play, slightly older to date though

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  4. Dragoon

    Nice post Stranded :)

    I knew about The Suffering and Rise&Fall, but not about Area 51. It’s a funny pun that the US-Air Force sponsor a game called Area 51. :D
    Rise&Fall is a nice RTS game in the style of Age of Empires but you can take control of your Avatar and play from FPS view. The game got good ratings.

    The Suffering is a horror FPS game. You are bought to a Prison for your execution when suddenly paranormal activities bring chaos. The right game to crap your pants when played at midnight and you have your windows open.

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