Half-Life 2 games to support MAC


Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode One and Half-Life 2: Episode Two received a major update today. Adding support for MAC and the ability to use Steam Cloud for saving in-game progress and AV settings. Awesome right?! But that is not all.. Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode One are finally getting Steam achievements and their Source engine is updated! Multicore rendering, FOV setting, motion blur, dynamic shadows and more.. Thank you for supporting your games, Valve.

And even though it’s really strange how anybody could not have bought these masterpieces already.. Valve can’t go without a promotion so you can take those games while they are still hot! 30% off any of the 3 games or 30% off the Orange Box containing all 3 along with Portal and Team Fortress 2. Portal already supports MAC since MAC launch on Steam, TF2 to follow soon.

Half-Life 2

€ 6.29 / € 4.89
$ 6.99 » € 5.68 (+16.16%)
£ 4.89 » € 5.72 (+16.97%)

Half-Life 2: Episode Two

€ 4.89 / € 4.19
$ 5.59 » € 4.54 (+8.35%)
£ 4.19 » € 4.90 (+16.95%)

Half-Life 2: Episode One

€ 4.89 / 4.19
$ 5.59 » € 4.54 (+8.35%)
£ 4.19 » € 4.90 (+16.95%)

The Orange Box

€ 15.07 / 16.09
$ 20.99 » € 17.05 (+5.97%)
£ 11.89 » € 13.91 (-13.55%)


Original Steam news message link HERE

First row are always tier 2 / 1 prices. Prices taken from www.steamprices.com.

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  1. slay

    sure, you can use original models (which were re-made in HD) or pick new faces and outfit one by one for story characters. Alyx <3 :)

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  2. Danio

    Thanks for the hint about Cinematic Mod, slay! I’ll definitely have to replay HL2 then again, though I will see if I can get the original characters back…

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  3. stranded

    I must try the achievements then.

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  4. slay

    Don’t forget to use FakeFactory’s Cinematic Mod, which makes Halflife 2 parts many times more beautiful. All textures, faces, soundtrack etc.

    Just look at the screenshots and trailer here: http://cinematicmod.com/cm_10.php

    For comparison with original Halflife 2, check this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwWeXPgEbtE
    PS. It is previous major version (v9.5) trailer, now 10.40 is out and it is even more beautiful :)

    And you will play, like it would be first time…

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  5. Rad86N

    I edited the post adding and erasing stuff. Btw I managed to download all the updates and played HL2 for a while. It’s nice, but some effects from EP2 like “underwater blur” are still missing.. Now I don’t know whether that is a bug or they just forgot about it..but anyway nice to have this update.

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  6. enticore

    Well, considering this is in the spirit of a NEW release (mac version), it would make more sense to mention the FULL size.
    (though I still don’t think this kind of information belongs in a news article)

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  7. Rad86N

    some people DO care.. of course those are just update file sizes

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  8. enticore

    “Half-Life 2(480MB) and Half-Life 2: Episode One(220MB)”
    Excuse me, but the games are definitely larger than that.
    If anything, that’s just the update size. (I personally don’t see any reason to mention this kind of information though)

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