How to get Medal of Honor beta key? Do this!

Click on the image to find out how to get a beta key for Medal of Honor for PC or PS3! All you need is Command and Conquer 4 beta key and use it on!


Source: Reddit

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I run this place! :D

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  1. benetti32

    @Kissaki Both are made by DICE. Dice made BC2 (both SP and MP) and then MoH MP.

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  2. Kissaki

    “Sorry, that does not appear to be a valid Medal of Honor beta redemption key.”
    Doesn’t seem to work with C&C4 keys (anymore).

    I don’t think they could do that game “instead” in such a short amount of time.
    MoH was surely done by a different developer team or studio, parallel.

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  3. benetti32

    @Kossak: Me not :/ I like it, but I’m angry they didn’t have time to fix BC2 and made a new almost same game instead which works better.

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  4. Kossak

    i played this Medal of Honor beta and… i like it! Graphics is much more optimized than BC2, maybe because you can’t crash every wall there. Hmmm… who of you is preordering this game? :)

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  5. byverter

    There are no more keys available; thanks for your interest. The beta giveaway is now closed.

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  6. Kossak

    Nice trick. I got my key from a friend, so i won’t check this method, but good to know :)

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