Valve delays Portal 2

Valve has delayed the release of Portal 2 until 2011.


The studio suggested it wants to see through a range of improvements on the title before it is published. Half-Life 2 suffered a string of delays before it’s release in 2004, while the first Portal – as Valve reminds – also was hit by delay.

Developers also cooled the rumors surrounding it’s the E3 Expo. Various websites speculated on what Valve would show at E3 after the company announced it was showing up with a ‘surprise’.

Valve declined all info regarding HL2: Episode 3.

Suggestions of what that surprise is has ranged from Half-Life 3, to Half-Life 2 Episode 3, Duke Nukem Forever to a new Source engine or new Source engine itself.

So…what is the E3 surprise?

Source: Develop-Online

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Toaster

    The Duke is back :D

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  2. AdRiAnO66


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  3. Amadeus


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  4. Faky

    Expected. There was no doubt about delaying – its valve after all.

    Im sure there is plenty of milk left in L4D and i hope they will get their milking apparatus out and offer you L4D3 for 49,99€. Or at least payable DLC for 14,99€. That would be truly a great present to L4D2 boycotter ;)

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  5. stranded

    If they announce Left 4 Dead 3 they will be worse than EA.

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  6. joeangry

    A dlc with the midnight riders for L4D2 … xD

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