We Want Live – Microsoft will launch XboX Live in Central Europe!


It finally happened. After weeks of waiting for Microsoft’s appearance on this year’s E3 event they announced that this fall Central Europe will get their XboX Live support (Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece). You will be able to migrate from your current non-your-country XboX Live account (if you have any) to your current location.

We would like to thank the creators of We Want Live action – thanks to them console gaming will be getting bigger after this summer, hopefully the prices for new XboX 360 games will drop too ;-)

Oh and thanks for listening Microsoft.

Now, since the action is finally over we are taking off the banner for We Want Live from our page but we will never forget what you did for the gamers around the globe.

By the way, not only Central Europe gets XboX Live support, the following countries are included as well: Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Republic of South Africa.

They also announced this little thing:



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10 responses to “We Want Live – Microsoft will launch XboX Live in Central Europe!”

  1. Bellthasar Avatar

    I am Brazilian, and i don’t see the time to remove the dust of my Dawn of War II, Dirt2, Red Faction Guerrilla…

  2. usiRev Avatar

    hope they will very soon expand to Slovakia as well, since LIVE is now in Czech Republic …

  3. Rad86N Avatar

    they are assholes..
    I guess the most important thing for them was to give out consoles to the people at the expo, while they could have used the money to support LIVE in all of Europe, shame on them

  4. Nightbox Avatar

    No Romania ? BTW Greece is in South :D

  5. Rad86N Avatar

    ok.. then im pre-ordering as soon as it is possible.. xD

  6. stranded Avatar

    Polish Microsoft department said that migrating from your previous account to a new one will take all achievements and points with it.

  7. Rad86N Avatar

    few weeks ago, it was
    definite ps3… now what the hell am i going to do..

    so that is what it meant.. xD anyway..
    if i was to buy xbox a month from now when its going to be released in europe and finish a lot of achievements before the inital support in my country kicks in fall this year.. when it happens ill be able to reset my account country to what it really is and continue..?
    to me it all depended on an email adress country settings.. which i was forced to set on UK

  8. stranded Avatar


    learn to read xD

    “You will be able to migrate from your current non-your-country XboX Live account (if you have any) to your current location.”

  9. Dragoon Avatar

    Glad to hear it finally happened. Was long overdue.

    @Rad A while ago they changed their system to check for IP origin. It doesn’t matter which country you selected when you created you Live account anymore. Only your IP is relevant to what you can access on MS Marketplace.
    Only exception are pre-paid cards for MS Life Points or Gold Live subscriptions.

  10. Rad86N Avatar

    I wonder if people can actually change country of their LIVE account, to be able to use the marketplace and such.. or do we have to hunt for the achievements again? That would be silly!

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