Counter-Strike: Source Beta available!

Join the beta now!

Available immediately, Valve has launched an extensive update to Counter-Strike: Source, now in beta. The update includes a host of new features and functionality developed in collaboration with Hidden Path Studios.

This beta will run for a limited time, and once complete, the update will be deployed to all Counter-Strike: Source owners for free via Steam.

Please submit any bugs or feedback on the Counter-Strike: Source Beta forum

Features new to the beta
144 achievements added
New lifetime player stats and summary screens
New match player stats and summary screens
New end of round display with MVP and interesting fact about a player
Updated scoreboard with new icons, visual style, MVP stars, and avatar pictures
New cinematic death camera
New domination and revenge system
Added avatar icons to voice chat, scoreboard, and end of round display
Incorporated many source engine updates

Participate in beta by clicking here.

I’ve noticed that you don’t even need to have Counter-Strike Source installed (although I have Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead games and the beta downloads only around 200MB).

I hope they made this game playable with the new engine, just like they did with Day of Deafeat: Source

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I run this place! :D

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  1. w00t

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    1. 3chko-cfg

      Can u guve me left 4 dead?

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  2. Zuko

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  3. raipekass

    …and its full now.

    Ok, time to test.

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  4. raipekass

    Thank you! I got the message immediately from your 1€ ≠ 1$ message. Nice and prompt!


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  5. MarkAltair


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