Team Fortress 2: Engineer update is just around the corner

The last class update for Team Fortress 2 is almost ready, you can check out the Engineer update page to see loads of crazy stuff there. You can craft yourself a Golden Wrench right now by playing the game! The first, new revealed weapon for Engineer is the Frontier Justice which replaces the standard shotty. Keep looking at the Engineer update page for more updates in the upcoming days.


We Want Live – Microsoft will launch XboX Live in Central Europe!

It finally happened. After weeks of waiting for Microsoft’s appearance on this year’s E3 event they announced that this fall Central Europe will get their XboX Live support (Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece). You will be able to migrate from your current non-your-country XboX Live account (if you have any) to your current location. We would like to thank the creators of We Want Live action – thanks to them…


Valve delays Portal 2

Valve has delayed the release of Portal 2 until 2011.   The studio suggested it wants to see through a range of improvements on the title before it is published. Half-Life 2 suffered a string of delays before it’s release in 2004, while the first Portal – as Valve reminds – also was hit by delay. Developers also cooled the rumors surrounding it’s the E3 Expo. Various websites speculated on…


Company of Heroes Online: soon to be released in the West

Company of Heroes Online - the free-to-play version of the classic PC real-time strategy game that's previously only been available in Asia - is going to be released in the West, publisher THQ said today. Company of Heroes Western launch will see the original 2006 title essentially re-released. Multiplayer will become "persistent", requiring you to create a character then log hours and win matches to advance in rank. Or, if…


Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers

(click on the picture to see the deal) Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers  is coming this month to Steam and will include the usual Steamworks features like achievements, leaderboards and matchmaking. The game was previously released on XboX 360 last year. The PC version will include the expansion pack for free.   Some may already heard of Magic: The Gathering, for you who have not: Magic –…


Half-Life 2 games to support MAC

Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode One and Half-Life 2: Episode Two received a major update today. Adding support for MAC and the ability to use Steam Cloud for saving in-game progress and AV settings. Awesome right?! But that is not all.. Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode One are finally getting Steam achievements and their Source engine is updated! Multicore rendering, FOV setting, motion blur, dynamic shadows and more.. Thank…


The original F.E.A.R. game arrived to Steam

  Finally and after such a long time.. For a very fair prices you get the full game with both expansion packs. The game’s sequel is available for very low price of £9.99 from the British section of Steam Store. € 8.99 $ 9.99 » € 7.99 (-11.12%) £ 6.99 » € 8.03 (-10.68%) Steam news message


Portal downloaded over 1.5 million times since going free!

Several days ago, we reported that Portal is now available on Steam for free, in celebration of Valve’s successful port of the game to the Mac platform.  Since the game was released for free, it has been downloaded over 1.5 million times. Currently, Valve hasn’t released any data as to how many of these are Mac or PC users, but they did announce that about 11% of Steam purchases since…

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Half-Life 2 mod Age of Chivalry becomes commercial Unreal game

Those of you entrenched in the Source mod community may recall Age of Chivalry, a Half-Life 2 mod set in medieval times. It gained a following, and now developer Team Chivalry has announced a new project: Chivalry: Battle for Agatha. This time around, however, Team Chivalry is ditching Source and going with Epic's Unreal Development Kit to build the latest version of its fantasy world. Right now, there's no word…


SEGA week on Steam

  SEGA Week kicks off with a bang starting with the uber SEGA Complete Pack available at a great discount price. This bundle includes EVERYTHING from Sega currently available on Steam (excludes unreleased games). Offer ends on May 24th - don't miss out on huge savings! Sega Complete Pack € 59.99 $ 89.99 »  € 70.86 (+18.12%) £ 49.99 »  € 58.18 (-3.01%) Fair price I guess. Worth for the…


Impulse: Stardock spring sale!

Galactic Civilizations II Ultimate Edition Sins of a Solar Empire (Recommended by Steam Unpowered!) Demigod ObjectDesktop featuring: WindowBlinds, IconPackager, DesktopX, DeskScapes, SoundPackager, Tweak, WindowFX, SkinStudio, IconDeveloper, LogonStudio, Keyboard Launchpad, RightClick, Fences Pro Multiplicity Professional


Free games sponsored by The US Air Force!

Thanks to US Air Force you can get those 3 games completely free – just go here! However the FileFront servers are having some sort of trouble right now so just wait a little bit ;-) Update: Here are some working mirrors! Rise and Fall : The Suffering: Area 51:


Counter-Strike: Source Beta available!

Available immediately, Valve has launched an extensive update to Counter-Strike: Source, now in beta. The update includes a host of new features and functionality developed in collaboration with Hidden Path Studios. This beta will run for a limited time, and once complete, the update will be deployed to all Counter-Strike: Source owners for free via Steam. Please submit any bugs or feedback on the Counter-Strike: Source Beta forum Features new…


Get free Men of War acсount now!

1C Company and Best Way announce a special offer dedicated to 65th anniversary of the Victory Day. Starting from May 11 through May 23, 2010 inclusive anyone can download Men of War game client free-of-charge, receive a temporary access key and take part in online battles in all multiplayer modes available. Get Men of War Key!


VAC banned by a Valve employee?

A Facepunch Studios forums user claims that he was banned by a Valve Employee for using a SourceMod plugin to activate some console cvars in the game itself (if you don’t know what SourceMod is it’s basically a plugin that’s being used on 99% of Source Engine games, you can do a lot of kinky stuff if you have admin rights and proper plugins…). Anyway here’s this guy’s post: I…


Steam for Mac already being redesigned!

Some Mac user (he’s in the Steam Mac beta program) already redesigned the interface to fit today’s Mac standards and this is what he said: However, the part I disliked about Steam on the Mac is the (understandably) less-than-native looking and feeling UI. While the entire application was recently redesigned (and re-engineered to utilize Webkit as its rendering engine), it still feels less than at home between the system apps.…


European Space Agency likes online games!

Here’s a cool news for all the space geeks:

“Video gaming has become one of the globe’s most popular pastimes. Fans say games are often educational, their detractors answer they are anything but. Might ESA have something to learn from gaming? A new Agency study says the answer is yes.

It comes from ESA’s Technology Observatory, which is tasked with scanning non-space sectors to look for developments with potential for spin-in or joint research. The study, Online Game Technology for Space Education and System Analysis, looks at potential applications of different online game-playing technologies from the simplest content-oriented games through to Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) virtual worlds.

The study highlights a number of ways in which these technologies could benefit ESA aims: immersive environments based on these technologies could enhance collaborative working of project scientists and engineers. It was also recognised that exciting online games could prove an excellent tool for promoting space and supporting the teaching of science, technology, engineering and maths.

As part of the study, a video of a potential future game environment was produced, showing future human exploration of Jupiter’s ice moon Europa.


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