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We’ve had a post about Microsoft’s Kinect, now it’s time for something more precise.

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I run this place! :D

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  1. slay

    Sony to discuss Move Server at GDC.

    Sony could be about to unveil official PC support for its PlayStation Move motion controller, if a Game Developers Conference panel listing is to be believed.

    Kotaku has reported that Sony engineer John McCutchan will be taking to the stage at the San Francisco industry pow-wow next month for a presentation titled “Update on PlayStation Move Development”.

    According to the GDC site, “This talk will bring developers up to speed on developing for the PlayStation Move controller.


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  2. 0cube

    Its throwing shit at its rival? To be honest, thats how I/you/we interpret it. We don’t know if they really do. Also nobody complained when bfbc2 was doing that to mw2 so why cry now?
    How do you know I haven’t tried kinect? Stop saying things you don’t know about. And I got the move myself.
    Sure, kinect may be better to entertain a whole family, but you need a big ass room for that, much space and most people don’t got that. When I was a kid back then EyeToy Play for the PS2 did very well in therms of family gaming and was fun. So I imagine kinect can also do that.
    Oh and by the way when was I raging? I don’t give a shit if somebody insults “MY” console, I even told YOU to calm the hell down.
    Oh and if you ever thought I was insulting you or somethin else I wanna appologize, stay in peace everybody ok?

    @Stranded, mind if I add you?

    Just check the comment votes >_> both sides have fanboys here who vote *_*

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  3. stranded

    Tommy I’ll be buying GT5 too so I guess we will be racing.

    @Rad86N My grandpa (75) played The Shoot today again. Move is great for family. And I posted this news only to balance between Kinect and Move posts. Everyone can chose their own toy to buy.

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  4. Rad86N

    @0cube: the article about kinect doesnt have a commerial from microsoft throwing shit at its rival.. but a picture of supposed failed history of kinect.. you say this article is only here because of a similar article about m$. well i say they are not equally staying next to each other… you promote move, while you never even have tried the other choice.. and who knows if you even played with the move… i want to entertain my close family and kinect does it better.. i dont want to be limited to the sword and tennis games when i play with somebody next to me..

    im probably going to get move at some point but getting it now for 1 or 2 games? you go raging at other people that say something bad about YOUR console and you call those to be fanboys.. go look in the mirror

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  5. Tommy

    definitely move !

    got PS3 for three weeks now, too .

    Add “XB12Rv2” if you wanna play something online. At the moment I’m with Fifa11, next week I’ll get Sports Champions and GT5 as soon as it’s released.

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  6. Kossak

    If i was to choose one of these devices i would for sure choose move instead of kinnect too.

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  7. Amadeus

    Hello, November 2010’ers, I am from 2006. That’s right, I’m from the past. Here we’ve got this amazing new thing called a “wii”, which has both movement and buttons. Playstation is probably gonna rip it off, but who knows, someone might get inspired into something new and different, like something without controllers!

    That is all.

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  8. Zuko

    wt, stranded is a ps fanboy

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  9. 0cube

    calm down dude, whats your problem…
    if you want to rage like a fanboy go on youtube or something. I know myself that kinect is not comparable to psmove… more like eyetoy >:P

    nobody gets paid for anything but why leave sony in the dust when there is a m$ post too about their motion controlling?

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  10. Rad86N

    i think you should MOVE it up your ass, i dont say buttons are not important but is sony paying you stranded or what? obviously kinect isnt for presicion but for multiplayer fun. in that view both move and kinect are not even comparable, and the pew pew butler doesnt know anything, hes just playing dumb to impress his customers .. and you..

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  11. 0cube

    1:12 sony owns m$ haha xD
    The move is really great :D

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  12. stranded

    Add me on PlayStation Network :D


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