Early access to Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light demo on Steam

To get the early access simply click here and login to Gamespot to receive your key!

Mine is already downloading :-)

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Krekeris


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  2. Kossak

    when i activated the key i got 2 new items in my list:: one is the demo and the second one is full game with the only one option “purchase”:). I just finished the demo and it is really nice, i like it. I will hunt for the full game during some kind of deal (christmas deals probably)

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  3. DeStiNy

    Thanks for the tip, heard very good things about the game :D
    I don’t care, but in case someone has a problem with that, the demo(beta?) for zero gears stayed for several months after the release until they removed it, might also be the case with this key-activated demo.

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  4. tdyhim

    ty !

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  5. benetti32

    THX for tip, downloading too

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  6. Kossak

    thx for the info, i’m downloading too. I’m not a big fan of Lara but it is nice to try the demo at least :)

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