Star Wars Week on Steam

The Star Wars Week on Steam has just begun. You can get the whole package for around 50€ in Europe (13 games). But I wouldn’t recommend that. The only thing worth getting there is probably Star Wars The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition. I’ve got it earlier this year and this game is a lot of fun especially with the XboX 360 pad for Windows.

May the Force be with you!

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Will you buy something from Lucas Arts?

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I run this place! :D

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  1. sir9

    I just bought KOTOR. General consensus on the steam forum seems to be”this is teh best game ever!!!1!111″. So, for 2,25€ I can’t go wrong.

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  2. Me

    “The only thing worth getting there is probably Star Wars The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition.”
    You are telling me the only thing worth getting is a crappy console port? LOL that is probably the worst game on that list.

    There are several games worth getting.
    Battlefront 2
    Republic Commando
    Jedi Academy
    Jedi Outcast
    empire at war

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  3. Simplex

    If I could get a gift, I would (not for this game, but in general – I do not have friends in UK/US who use steam and who could gift me games).

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  4. stranded


    Who told you to buy this in €? Get a gift!

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  5. SILence

    The game is definitely worth the 7,50€, while it may not be the greatest Star Wars game there ever was, it has a great atmosphere and very good graphics, an okay story and is very old-trilogy-sy, so there are almost only characters and vehicles from the old trilogy and not those damn new trilogy battle droids and shit…

    Standing on some tower and seeing crashed star destroyers around you in the distance is a really great moment.

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  6. John

    Yes u will, because i’m a huge starwars fan!

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  7. Dragoon

    I’m wonder why Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 is missing on Steam. Was better than part 1.
    And Starwars Battlefront II sucks against part I.

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  8. Max

    Word of caution, tho, the game requires about 30GB of space on your HDD!

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  9. Max

    I’ve finished The Force Unleashed and were in awe with it! Amazing SW game with a story that’s probably worth an Oscar. But concerning technicalities, the game is indeed “broken”, especially in terms of sound. It frequently happened that I could hear only the effects of the light saber and nothing else. Also problems with textures and some very difficult bosses. Everything else is simply epic. It was definitely worth my money. If you like SW with many cool combo moves and touching story this is your game. :)

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  10. stranded

    ;D SW Battlefield 2? what’s that?

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  11. Amadeus

    The Force Unleashed is boring, the Jedi Knight games are fun, but old, and Star Wars Battlefield 2 is just epic.

    Also, I liked how you linked to an explanation of The Force. As if we weren’t all geeks.

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  12. stranded

    Nope, nothing. Crashed on me once maybe but that’s my fault (too much alt+tabbing).

    Very fun game and fast paced. It’s a fucking lightsaber game with cool moves ;D

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  13. Xan

    “I’ve got it earlier this year and this game is a lot of fun especially with the XboX 360 pad for Windows.”

    Didn’t almost everyone say it was a HORRIBLE port and very broken? You didn’t have any technical difficulties?

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