Everyone on Amazon hates Civilization 5 because of Steam

Just see this page on Amazon. That’s actually pretty horrifying. For people like me and most of you here (should I say Steam veterans?) the flaws of Steam app and the whole system are very well known and we pretty much ignore them at this point.

But stuff that ‘regular’ people have to go through when activating, decrypting games, verify cache (if the game fucks up), Steam “offline” mode, get along with Steam community and many other things like coping with horrible Steam user interface really threatens the future of Steam as major DRM for new games.

Maybe it’s good, maybe it’s bad, time will show.

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  1. Tex57

    I hate steam. No only must I wait extra for gameplay, but Amazon sticks ads in my face. Furthermore, Amazon is constantly downloading changes to Steam to stick me with more free advertizing. I did not pay for nor want this!

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  2. Lyconman

    STEAM is the reason that I will not buy a game that has it EVER.
    I am giving you my hard earnerd money to buy your original game product, and you reply by trying to install spyware on my machine, this is simply not acceptable.

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  3. Stian Farstad

    I’m sure the **** makes the game crash constantly.

    When that happens I have to shut that steaming pile of…. down. Restart it and the game is up running again.

    .. now not to mention the online gaming through steam >.< GAH

    And I bought the special edition and everything

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  4. Satoru

    The thing I don’t get is why people hate steam so much. Steam is a pretty minor DRM implementation. Many companies use Steam in addition to SecueROM and other more onerous DRM solutions. The current benefit of Civ5 on Steam is to have an ‘install anywhere’ benefit, and the use of SteamWorks which allows you to sync your savegames to the cloud.

    Steam only requires you to authenticate online once, then in theory you could go offline forever and be fine. You won’t get updates of course.

    The reality is that Steam is not DRM but merely a digital delivery platform.

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  5. glubbar

    Wow, the comments on Amazon are stunning.
    Of course Steam is dangerous. Of course, there are some big problems with it.
    But it’s funny how the game seems to be totally ditched out by customers because of Steam (apart from the totally uninteresting game of course lol).

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  6. Xiyng

    Steam is great. As an option, that is. I hate when a game tries to force to me use Steam. To me, Steam is probably one of the worst forms of DRM as it ties my game to a single account, requires me to be online at least once, even if I only want to play single-player, and requires me to run a completely useless piece of software in the background. Steam has nice features and all but I don’t want it. I can totally see why people like (or even love) Steam but I don’t, and I don’t see why there are people that think I should embrace Steam and not criticize it at all. If something is good, it doesn’t mean it can’t be better. A lot better even.

    Anyway, so far the only reason that has prevented me from buying Civ V is Steam. I fear the same will happen with Shogun 2. Steam is killing my buying habits and driving me closer and closer to piracy, as much as I’d like to reward good devs for their great work.

    I often see people say console fanboys are bad. Well, I think Valve fanboys are even worse and pretty common, too. Not every Steam user is a Valve/Steam fanboy, there are really some smart fans out there, but then there’s fanboys who think they’re right and everyone not loving Valve and Steam are stupid, wrong, and deserve no good.

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  7. slay

    About that MAC and steam. The mac’s fully potential wasn’t used before Valve came and spreaded the CPU and GPU stressing apps all over the place. So there were so many bugs in Max OS, so no wonder, if apps crash and work not like they supposed to work.

    Quoting Valve:
    “When we launched Steam on Mac OS X back in May, there was a lot of buzz about performance, particularly relative to Windows running on the same machine. While we met our goal of making sure all of our customers had an acceptable gaming experience at launch, we have spent a large chunk of effort in the intervening months working with Apple and their GPU vendors to close the performance gap with Windows. The combination of changes in our code and the latest graphics update available from Apple today removes a variety of software bottlenecks, resulting in significant graphics performance enhancements for Mac gamers.”
    More reading: http://store.steampowered.com/news/4211/

    Steam for Mac was released on 12th May.
    And the Mac update to fix the flaws was released on 18th August.

    So blame Mac OS, not Steam. They should be happy that Valve made Apple to fix various bugs in that OS.

    And those Amazon comments are usual short sighted whiners, who are afraid of changes. Too lazy to change their habbits. It’s like stranded will make superhyper design change here and ask, how do you like it. Most of people will say, that they hate it, even if it is lots lots easier and better. But after awhile they discover all those cool things and get to use with it and start loving it. But first reaction is always: I fucking hate it!

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