SavyGamer » Alpha Protocol, PC – €2.49 –NO LONGER VAILD

Seems the price was a mistake. Now the game cost €24.90-. Kudos to everyone who bought the game for €2.49 Winking smile



alpha-protocol-wallpaper-1Alpha Protocol, PC – £2.25

07/10/2010 in Digital Distribution

Alpha Protocol, PC – £2.25

This offer is only officially possible to get in certain parts of Europe, but by using this workaround you can get it anywhere:

1. Go to this proxy. Any proxy for a country that is participating should work, but this is the one I used.
2. Visit “” via the proxy
3. Register an account with Green Man Gaming
4. Close the proxy, and go back to the Green Man Gaming homepage. Log in with the account you just registered.
5. Purchase Alpha Protocol for €2.49, paying via PayPal.
6. You’ll be given a serial, which you can activate on Steam.

Cheers to Iván for the heads up.

SavyGamer » Alpha Protocol, PC – £2.25

The offer is  only valid if you currently live in a country that has the €URO as currency. So ask a friend if you don’t to gift it to you. I don’t advise to use a proxy. I think it’s to dangerous and risk possible a revoked game if GreenManGaming finds out.



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10 responses to “SavyGamer » Alpha Protocol, PC – €2.49 –NO LONGER VAILD”

  1. EMA Avatar

    i think this is the best game ever

  2. ivenoidea Avatar

    it’s actually pretty good!
    you just have to fix some files so that the mouse doesnt stutter.

  3. Angahith Avatar

    I got my copy for 2.49.

    This is awesome. XD

  4. endgame Avatar

    w8! so they were asking money for this piece of sh1t!? lol! if they would have payed me to play it I would have probably accepted. PROBABLY! but under this circumstances I’ll stick with my bfbc2, dao, me2 and borderlands.

  5. ivenoidea Avatar

    Looked at the website again now: Alpha Protocol is #1 Bestseller!^^

  6. ivenoidea Avatar

    I got it. It’s downloading right now, hope it’s not THAT bad.
    But: i already payed more for somme iphone games that were really bad…

  7. Xan Avatar

    It isn’t even worth 2€ anyways.

  8. Dragoon Avatar

    Yeah sorry about that. An hour ago I posted fist to our Steam Group. I even gifted it to an other user. I noticed right after the announcement their website became slow. :) I guess by the sudden rush of people they noticed the wrongly set comma and corrected the price.

  9. tibi Avatar

    Didn’t work, it couldn’t charge my paypal account, so…. better luck next time. (i used that proxy to create an account)

  10. enticore Avatar

    I’m fairly sure this was just an error in the databse on their side, not an “offer”
    Prices are back to normal.

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