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25/09/2010 in Digital Distribution, News

If you bought APB from Steam, apparently EA are now offering a free game as a refund. Valve put up a brick wall, but EA are making up for the fact that customer who bought their game ended up with nothing to show for it.

If you contact them through this site, and tell them you’d like another game to replace APB, they will give you any game currently available on the EA Store. I don’t think that they will let you get preorders, but it’s worth a shot.

You can pick from the likes of Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age: Origins, Spore, The Saboteur, Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and all sorts of other stuff.

Thanks to CHooligans for the heads up.

SavyGamer » APB Steam refund update



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14 responses to “SavyGamer » APB Steam Refund”

  1. StarmanDX Avatar

    I had the same experience as the above two posters. Looks like EA gave out a handful of replacements so it would sound like they cared, then hope no one complains when they refuse the rest of us.

  2. Bryan Avatar

    I had the same luck as Kai had when trying to obtain a refund after buying the game through Steam. Received the same response word for word about EA’s relationship with Steam.

  3. Kai Avatar

    Chat from EA:

    Shane: Hi, my name is Shane. How may I help you?
    : Hello Shane. I pre ordered the game APB in which I have found out that the game has currently been closed. I heard that EA is currently offering a refund/software exchange due to this and I wanted to inquire as to how to start this process.
    Shane: Could you please tell me that from where you purchase the game ?
    : Stea,
    : Steam
    Shane: EA has no relationship with the digital channel Steam. Our distribution of APB was limited to specific digital partners. You purchased your game from a retailer that has no relationship with EA for APB. EA has no obligation to provide compensation of any kind. However, if you feel you are entitled to a refund or other entitlement based on the terms and circumstances of your specific purchase, we suggest that you contact Steam to determine if a refund and/or other relief is available
    : Hmm, So I assume the information from is incorrect then? They said EA would consider a exchange.
    Shane: I am really very sorry,that I am not able to help you.
    : Alright, lesson learned. Thank you.

    Thats from EA support. Don’t believe them.

  4. Dragoon Avatar

    It’s not EA fault either. EA is not and was never the publisher of APB. Realtime Worlds is the developer and publisher of APB and the servers are theirs. EA is only the distributor of APB like it was for L4D 1&2 before were Valve is the developer & publisher. So EA is just the seller in your own words, and unlike Valve they respect their customers by giving a refund.

  5. Predator_kill_all_ Avatar

    But only if the game isn’t using CD-Keys.

    And again Steam in this case is only a Seller, and have NOTHING to do with the game, but as EA is a Publisher of the game their name is still related to APB and by that they have APB’s Blood on their hands, then they are cleaning their name by giving out games to the costumers.

  6. Fox Avatar

    Steam may have nothing to do with APB failing, but they could atleast offer an exchange for another game. This wouldn’t cost them a lot of money, while still making a friendly gesture to their customers. I feel with steam you pay the highest price for the lowest service. If I go to a retail store I can buy a new game for 30€ instead of 50€ and I can bring it back a week later if I don’t like it.

  7. Slava Avatar

    Generally EA is not ideal too, but this issue proves they are much better than other publishers who only see portrait of presidents in front of their eyes.

    They lowered price for BC 2 and now refund for a dead game. Really cool. I am now even more happy that I got Medal of Honor. Ea and Dice deserve my investment and Activision yet needs to prove me a lot after what they had done to to the last Call of Duty game.

  8. SILence Avatar

    But it’s not Steams fault that it stopped working, they sold a totally functioning (kinda, it seems to have been flawed enough to not attract a large enough userbase) game.

    Valve/Steam has nothing to do with the discontinuation of service of the game.

    Thats Electronic Arts fault!

  9. Dragoon Avatar

    Like Fix-CZ already said it up to the seller. It actually even legally called “seller liability” and part of the uniform commercial code which as far I know almost equal in every western country. Basically the guy that took you money has also take responsibility for the goods he sell.
    I think it’s fair and shows to your customers that you care about them, when you refund a game that stopped working 3 months after it’s release.

  10. fix-cz Avatar

    Refunds are up to seller, not publisher/manufacturer/etc. So say laws (at least in some parts of Europe).

  11. letmeplay Avatar

    Damn , too bad i cant replace it because i didnt bought this game :(.

  12. f0ku5 Avatar

    @Dragoon – Valve has nothing to do with dead APB, but EA is publisher afair…
    Steam stated before, that the’yre just selling games and refunds (in most cases) are up to publishers ;)

  13. Dragoon Avatar

    Really sad is that Steam/Valve refuse to refund a dead game and EA has to step in.
    Anyway on twitter someone said he could get a pre-order for Dragon Age 2 as replacement from EA. Nice deal, I almost wished I had bought APB under these circumstances. ;)

  14. ld13 Avatar

    Sad sad story as a whole. To think I wanted to preorder this game…
    First Cities XL went bye bye and now APB too – with these high profile MMOs managing to FAIL so fast it is discouraging me to buy any other/new MMO-type of games….

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